Famous actors died as a result of Myocardial infarction

Here are 50 famous actors from the world died in Myocardial infarction:

Oskar Werner

Oskar Werner (November 13, 1922 Vienna-October 23, 1984 Marburg) also known as Oskar Josef Schliessmayer, Erasmus Nothnagel, Oscar Werner or Oskar Josef Bschließmayer was an Austrian actor, film director and screenwriter. He had two children, Felix Werner and Eleanore Werner.

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Walter Abel

Walter Abel (June 6, 1898 Saint Paul-March 26, 1987 Essex) was an American actor.

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Daniel Mann

Daniel Mann (August 8, 1912 Brooklyn-November 21, 1991 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Daniel Chugerman, Danny Mann or Danny was an American film director, actor and television director. He had three children, Alex Mann, Erica Mann and Michael Thomas Mann.

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Phil Silvers

Phil Silvers (May 11, 1911 Brooklyn-November 1, 1985 Century City) otherwise known as Philip Silver or The King of Chutzpah was an American comedian, actor and entertainer. He had five children, Laurie Silvers, Nancey Silvers, Cathy Silvers, Tracey Silvers and Candace Silvers.

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Peter Finch

Peter Finch (September 28, 1916 South Kensington-January 14, 1977 Beverly Hills) also known as Frederick George Peter Ingle Finch, William Mitchell, Finchie or Frederick George Peter Ingle-Finch was an Australian actor. He had four children, Samantha Finch, Diana Finch, Anita Finch and Charles Finch.

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Irving Berlin

Irving Berlin (May 11, 1888 Mogilev Region-September 22, 1989 New York City) also known as Israel Isidor Baline, Israel Isidore Baline, Israel Beilin, Israel Isidore Beilin, Izrail’ Moiseevič Bejlin or I. Berlin was an American songwriter, composer, lyricist, film score composer and actor. He had four children, Mary Ellin Barrett, Linda Louise Emmet, Elizabeth Irving Peters and Irving Baline.

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Hans Clarin

Hans Clarin (September 14, 1929 Wilhelmshaven-August 28, 2005 Aschau im Chiemgau) also known as Clarin, Hans or Hans-Joachim Schmid was a German actor and voice actor. His children are called Irene Clarin, Anne Clarin and Philip Clarin.

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Hugh Marlowe

Hugh Marlowe (January 30, 1911 Philadelphia-May 2, 1982 New York City) a.k.a. Hugh Herbert Hipple, John Marlowe or Hugh Hipple was an American actor. His children are called Jeffrey Marlowe and Chris Marlowe.

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Victor Pavlov

Victor Pavlov (October 5, 1940 Moscow-August 24, 2006 Moscow) also known as V. Pavlov, Viktor Pavlovich Pavlov, V.Pavlov or Viktor Pavlov was a Russian actor. His child is called Alexandra Pavlova.

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Godfrey Winn

Godfrey Winn (October 15, 1906 Birmingham-June 19, 1971) was a British novelist, journalist and actor.

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Francis X. Bushman

Francis X. Bushman (January 10, 1883 Baltimore-August 23, 1966 Pacific Palisades) a.k.a. Francis Xavier Bushman, Francis Bushman or King of the Movies was an American actor, screenwriter and film director. His children are called Virginia Bushman, Bruce Bushman, Francis X. Bushman, Jr., Lenore Bushman, Josephine Bushman and Richard Stansbury Bushman.

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Lon McCallister

Lon McCallister (April 17, 1923 Los Angeles-June 11, 2005 South Lake Tahoe) also known as Herbert Alonzo McCallister Jr., Bud McAllister, Bud McCallister, Pvt. Lon McCallister or Buddy was an American actor.

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Bob Fosse

Bob Fosse (June 23, 1927 Chicago-September 23, 1987 Washington, D.C.) also known as Robert Louis Fosse, Flash, Bobbie, Robert Fosse or Robert Louis “Bob” Fosse was an American choreographer, film director, actor, theatre director, screenwriter, film editor and dancer. He had one child, Nicole Fosse.

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Jack Holt

Jack Holt (May 31, 1888 Fordham-January 18, 1951 Sawtelle) also known as Charles John Holt, John Holt, Charles John Holt II, John Charles Holt, Sir Charles or Frank Holt was an American actor and stunt performer. His children are called Tim Holt and Jennifer Holt.

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Mario Lanza

Mario Lanza (January 31, 1921 Philadelphia-October 7, 1959 Rome) a.k.a. MarioLanza, Lanza, Mario, The Tiger, The Service Caruso, Alfred Arnold Cocozza, Freddy, Alfredo Arnold Cocozza or Freddie was an American singer and actor. His children are called Damon Lanza, Colleen Lanza, Marc Lanza and Elisa Lanza.

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McLean Stevenson

McLean Stevenson (November 14, 1927 Normal-February 15, 1996 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Edgar McLean Stevenson Jr. or Mac was an American actor. He had three children, Jeff MacGregor, Lindsey Stevenson and Jennifer Stevenson.

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Anthony Ross

Anthony Ross (February 23, 1909 New York City-October 26, 1955 New York City) was an American actor.

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Frank Fontaine

Frank Fontaine (April 19, 1920 Cambridge-August 4, 1978 Spokane) was an American comedian, singer and actor.

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Boris Vian

Boris Vian (March 10, 1920 Ville-d'Avray-June 23, 1959 Paris) a.k.a. Vernon Sullivan, Vian, Boris, Dr. Boris Vian, Bison Ravi, Baron Visi or Brisavion was a French singer, journalist, playwright, writer, engineer and actor. He had one child, Patrick Vian.

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George Coulouris

George Coulouris (October 1, 1903 Manchester-April 25, 1989 London) also known as George Colouris or George Alexander Coulouris was a British actor. His children are called George Coulouris and Mary Louise Coulouris.

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Johnny Unitas

Johnny Unitas (May 7, 1933 Pittsburgh-September 11, 2002 Lutherville) a.k.a. Johnny U, The Golden Arm or John Constantine Unitas was an American american football player and actor. He had eight children, Janice Unitas, John Unitas Jr., Robert Unitas, Christopher Unitas, Kenneth Unitas, Francis Joseph Unitas, Chad Unitas and Alicia Ann Paige Unitas.

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J. T. Walsh

J. T. Walsh (September 28, 1943 San Francisco-February 27, 1998 Lemon Grove) a.k.a. James Patrick Walsh, James Thomas Patrick Walsh, James Thomas Patrick "J.T." Walsh, J.T. Walsh, JT or J. P. Walsh was an American actor. He had one child, John West.

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Ray McAnally

Ray McAnally (March 30, 1926 Buncrana-June 15, 1989 County Wicklow) also known as Ray McAnnally was an Irish actor. He had four children, Conor McAnally, Aonghus McAnally, Maire McAnally and Niamh McAnally.

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Lee Bowman

Lee Bowman (December 28, 1914 Cincinnati-December 25, 1979 Brentwood) also known as Bowman was an American actor.

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Red Foley

Red Foley (June 17, 1910 Blue Lick-September 19, 1968 Fort Wayne) otherwise known as Clyde Julian Foley, Foley, Red, Rambling Rod Foley or Mr. Country Music was an American singer, actor, singer-songwriter and musician. He had four children, Shirley Boone, Betty Foley, Julie Ann Neely and Jenny Lou Pankratz.

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Shelly Novack

Shelly Novack (January 10, 1944 Los Angeles County-May 27, 1978 Santa Monica) also known as Sheldon Lennard Novack was an American american football player and actor.

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Joe Louis

Joe Louis (May 13, 1914 La Fayette-April 12, 1981 Paradise) also known as Joseph Louis Barlow, Joe Louis Detroit's Brown Bomber, Sgt. Joe Louis, Chappy, Brown Bomber or The Brown Bomber was an American professional boxer and actor. He had three children, Jacqueline Barrow, Joseph Louis Barrow Jr. and Joe Louis Barrow Jr..

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Jack Haley

Jack Haley (August 10, 1898 Boston-June 6, 1979 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Jack Haley Jr., John Joseph Haley, Jr., John Joseph Haley Jr., John Joseph "Jack" Haley or John Joseph Haley was an American actor, vaudeville performer, comedian and singer. He had two children, Jack Haley, Jr. and Gloria Haley.

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Patrick Quinn

Patrick Quinn (February 12, 1950 Philadelphia-September 24, 2006 Bushkill) also known as Quinn, Patrick was an American actor.

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Gene Frankel

Gene Frankel (December 23, 1919 New York City-April 20, 2005) also known as Eugene V. Frankel, Gene or Eugene V. "Gene" Frankel was an American actor, theatre director and teacher. He had two children, Laura Frankel and Ethan Frankel.

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Stephen Boyd

Stephen Boyd (July 4, 1931 Glengormley-June 2, 1977 Northridge) also known as William Millar or Dimples was a British actor.

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Roscoe Arbuckle

Roscoe Arbuckle (March 24, 1887 Smith Center-June 29, 1933 New York City) otherwise known as Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle, Fatty Arbuckle, William Goodrich, Fatty, The Prince of Whales, The Balloonatic, 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Roscoe {Fatty} Arbuckle or Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle was an American comedian, actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Jean Cocteau

Jean Cocteau (July 5, 1889 Maisons-Laffitte-October 11, 1963 Milly-la-Forêt) also known as Jean Maurice Eugene Clement Cocteau, The Frivolous Prince, Jean Cocteau de l'Académie Française, Monsieur Jean Cocteau de l'Académie Mallarmé, Jean Maurice Eugène Clément Cocteau or Jean Maurice Eugène Cocteau was a French novelist, screenwriter, artist, poet, actor, film director, designer, playwright, filmmaker, voice actor and visual artist. He had one child, Edouard Dermithe.

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Paul Winfield

Paul Winfield (May 22, 1939 Los Angeles-March 7, 2004 Los Angeles) also known as Paul Edward Winfield or Paul E. Winfield was an American actor.

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Fred Grossinger

Fred Grossinger (January 1, 1936 Pittsburgh-November 21, 1995 Los Angeles) also known as Fred Holliday was an American comedian and actor. He had one child, Debra Rouse Grossinger.

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Roger Bowen

Roger Bowen (May 25, 1932 Attleboro-February 16, 1996 Florida) was an American comedian, actor and novelist. He had three children, Michael Bowen, Daniel Bowen and Katie Bowen-Kosh.

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Ward Bond

Ward Bond (April 9, 1903 Benkelman-November 5, 1960 Dallas) also known as Wardell E. Bond, Ward, Wardell Edwin Bond or Wardell Edwin "Ward" Bond was an American actor and american football player.

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Ian Keith

Ian Keith (February 27, 1899 Boston-March 26, 1960 New York City) also known as Keith Ross was an American actor.

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Henry Daniell

Henry Daniell (March 5, 1894 Barnes, London-October 31, 1963 Santa Monica) also known as Charles Henry Daniel, Henry Daniel or Charles Henry Daniell was a British actor. He had one child, Allison Daniell.

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Wally Schirra

Wally Schirra (March 12, 1923 Hackensack-May 3, 2007 La Jolla) also known as Walter Marty Schirra, Jr. was an American astronaut, united states naval aviator, pilot and actor. His children are called Walter Marty Schirra III and Suzanne Schirra.

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Lou Costello

Lou Costello (March 6, 1906 Paterson-March 3, 1959 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Louis Francis Cristillo, Abbott and Costello, Lou Cristillo, Sebastian Cristillo, Costello, Abbott & Costello, Louis Francis Cristillo "Lou Costello", Lou King or Louis Francis "Lou" Costello was an American comedian, actor, film producer, vaudeville performer, singer and businessperson. He had four children, Chris Costello, Patricia Costello, Carole Costello and Lou Costello Jr..

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David Jackson

David Jackson (July 15, 1934 Liverpool-July 25, 2005 London) was a British actor and voice actor. His child is called Stuart Jackson.

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James Cagney

James Cagney (July 17, 1899 New York City-March 30, 1986 Stanfordville) also known as James Francis Cagney, Jr., James Francis Cagney, The Professional Againster, Jimmy or Cellar-Door Cagney was an American actor and dancer. He had two children, Cathleen "Casey" Cagney and James Cagney Jr.

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Billy Halop

Billy Halop (February 11, 1920 New York City-November 9, 1976 Brentwood) also known as William Halop or Bill Halop was an American actor.

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Peter Brocco

Peter Brocco (January 16, 1903 Reading-December 20, 1992 Los Angeles) also known as Carl Peter Brocco was an American actor.

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Sunil Dutt

Sunil Dutt (June 6, 1929 Jhelum-May 25, 2005 Bandra) also known as Dutt Sahab, Mr. Sunil Dutt, Balraj Dutt, Dutt or Balraj Singh Dutt was an Indian politician, actor, film producer and film director. His children are called Sanjay Dutt, Priya Dutt and Namrata Dutt.

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John Dommett

John Dommett (November 27, 2014 Brisbane-January 8, 2004 Brisbane) was an Australian actor, screenwriter, television director and film director.

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Robert Donner

Robert Donner (April 27, 1931 New York City-June 8, 2006 Sherman Oaks) a.k.a. Bob Donner or Robt. Donner was an American actor.

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David Janssen

David Janssen (March 27, 1931 Naponee-February 13, 1980 Malibu) otherwise known as David Harold Meyer, Davey or Dave Janssen was an American songwriter and actor.

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Curt Conway

Curt Conway (May 4, 1915 Boston-April 10, 1974 Los Angeles) also known as Curtis Conway or Kurt Conway was an American actor and television director.

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