Famous movie actresses born in the year 1910

Here are 50 famous actresses from the world were born in 1910:

Eleanor Hunt

Eleanor Hunt (January 10, 1910 New York City-June 12, 1981 Queens) also known as Elinore Hunt was an American actor. She had one child, Georgelle Hirliman.

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Sheila Terry

Sheila Terry (March 5, 1910 Warroad-January 19, 1957 New York City) also known as Kay Clark was an American actor and model.

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Joan Bennett

Joan Bennett (February 27, 1910 Palisades Park-December 7, 1990 Scarsdale) also known as Joan Geraldine Bennett, Joanie or Doanie was an American actor. She had four children, Stephanie Guest, Melinda Markey, Diana Markey and Shelley Antonia Wanger.

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Claudia Dell

Claudia Dell (January 10, 1910 San Antonio-September 5, 1977 Hollywood) a.k.a. Claudia Dell Smith was an American actor and showgirl.

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Betty Miles

Betty Miles (January 11, 1910 Santa Monica-June 9, 1992 Hughson) also known as Elizabeth Harriet Henninger was an American actor. She had one child, Lynn Miles.

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Marion Shilling

Marion Shilling (December 3, 1910 Denver-November 6, 2004 Torrance) also known as Marian Shilling or Marion Schilling was an American actor. She had two children, Edward Cook and Frances Cook.

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Elena Altieri

Elena Altieri (July 7, 1910 Stresa-May 1, 1997 Nice) also known as Elena Capucci or Antonietta Petrosi was an Italian actor.

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Else Petersen

Else Petersen (April 26, 1910 Denmark-August 28, 2002 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

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Solveig Sundborg

Solveig Sundborg (March 14, 1910 Copenhagen-July 22, 2002 Denmark) also known as Solveig Augusta Maria Sundborg was a Danish actor.

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Ruan Lingyu

Ruan Lingyu (April 26, 1910 Shanghai-March 8, 1935 Shanghai) a.k.a. Ruan Fenggeng, Lingyu Ruan, Ruan Ling-Yu, Lily Yuen, Lily Yuan, Ruan Fenggen, Ruan Yuyin, Yuen Ling-Yuk, Lily Ruan or Ruan Yuying was a Chinese actor.

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Rachel Kempson

Rachel Kempson (May 28, 1910 Dartmouth-May 24, 2003 Millbrook) also known as Rachel, Lady Redgrave or Lady Redgrave was an English actor and writer. She had three children, Vanessa Redgrave, Corin Redgrave and Lynn Redgrave.

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Gloria Stuart

Gloria Stuart (July 4, 1910 Santa Monica-September 26, 2010 Los Angeles) also known as Gloria Frances Stuart, Gloria Frances Stewart, Gloria Stewart or Gloria Stuart Sheekman was an American actor, artist, painter, printmaker, activist and visual artist. She had one child, Sylvia Vaughn Sheekman Thompson.

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Anita Page

Anita Page (August 4, 1910 Flushing-September 6, 2008 Van Nuys) also known as Anita Evelyn Pomares or The Girl With the Most Beautiful Face in Hollywood was an American actor. She had two children, Linda House and Sandra House.

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Jane Wyatt

Jane Wyatt (August 12, 1910 Mahwah-October 20, 2006 Bel-Air) also known as Jane Waddington Wyatt or Miss Jane Wyatt was an American actor. She had two children, Christopher Ward and Michael Ward.

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Kitty Carlisle

Kitty Carlisle (September 3, 1910 New Orleans-April 17, 2007 New York City) also known as Catherine Conn or Kitty Carlisle Hart was an American singer and actor. She had two children, Christopher Hart and Catherine Hart.

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Inge Meysel

Inge Meysel (May 30, 1910 Neukölln-July 10, 2004 Seevetal) also known as Inge Meisel, Ingeborg Charlotte Hansen or Mutter der Nation was a German actor.

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Virginia Bruce

Virginia Bruce (September 29, 1910 Minneapolis-February 24, 1982 Woodland Hills) otherwise known as Helen Virginia Briggs was an American singer and actor. Her children are called Susan Ann Gilbert and Christopher Ruben.

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Simone Simon

Simone Simon (April 23, 1910 Béthune-February 22, 2005 Paris) a.k.a. Simone Thérèse Fernande Simon was a French actor.

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Steffi Duna

Steffi Duna (February 8, 1910 Budapest-April 22, 1992 Beverly Hills) also known as Stephanie Berindey was a Hungarian dancer and actor. Her children are called Julianna Benito and James O'Keefe.

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Molly Weir

Molly Weir (March 17, 1910 Glasgow-November 28, 2004 Pinner) also known as Mary Weir or Mollie Weir was a Scottish actor.

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Molly Lamont

Molly Lamont (May 22, 1910 Boksburg-July 7, 2001 Brentwood) was an English actor.

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Barbara O'Neil

Barbara O'Neil (July 17, 1910 St. Louis-September 3, 1980 Cos Cob) otherwise known as Barbara O' Neil or Barbara O'Neill was an American actor.

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Margaret Lindsay

Margaret Lindsay (September 19, 1910 Dubuque-May 9, 1981 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Margaret Kies, Peg or Lindsay was an American actor.

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Martha Sleeper

Martha Sleeper (June 24, 1910 Lake Bluff-March 25, 1983 Beaufort) was an American actor, comedian, author, jeweler and businessperson. She had one child, Victoria Albright.

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Sari Maritza

Sari Maritza (March 17, 1910 Tianjin-July 1, 1987 United States Virgin Islands) also known as Patricia Detering-Nathan or Dora Patricia Detring-Nathan was an English actor.

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Evelyn Hoey

Evelyn Hoey (December 15, 1910 Minneapolis-September 11, 1935 Chester County) was an American singer and actor.

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Muriel Evans

Muriel Evans (July 20, 1910 Minneapolis-October 26, 2000 Woodland Hills) also known as Muriel Adele Evanson was an American actor.

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Gudrun Brost

Gudrun Brost (April 6, 1910 Malmö Municipality-June 28, 1993 Stockholm) also known as Gudrun Lisa Johanna or Gudrun Lisa Johanna Brost was a Swedish actor. Her child is called Johannes Brost.

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Zoe Rae

Zoe Rae (July 13, 1910 Chicago-May 20, 2006 Newberg) also known as Zoe Durea, Zoe Bech, Zoe Boesch, Zoe DuRae, Little Zoe Rae, Little Zoe, the Universal Baby or Zoë Rae Palmiter Bech was an American actor.

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Lesley Woods

Lesley Woods (August 22, 1910 Berwick-August 2, 2003 Los Angeles) was an American actor.

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Judy Malcolm

Judy Malcolm (December 1, 1910 Buffalo-July 22, 1998 East Aurora) was an American actor.

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June Gittelson

June Gittelson (May 6, 1910 Los Angeles-November 28, 1993 Northridge) also known as June Bryde, June Gitelson or June Gittleson was an American actor.

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Berthe Qvistgaard

Berthe Qvistgaard (August 11, 1910 Denmark-October 24, 1999 Denmark) also known as Berthe Qvistgård, Berte Qvistgaard or Berthe Viola von Rehling Qvistgaard was a Danish actor.

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Rosemary DeCamp

Rosemary DeCamp (November 14, 1910 Prescott-February 20, 2001 Newport Beach) also known as Rosemary De Camp was an American actor. Her children are called Valerie Shidler, Margaret Shidler, Martha Shidler and Nita Shidler.

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Tatjana Sais

Tatjana Sais (January 28, 1910 Frankfurt-February 26, 1981 Berlin) was a German actor.

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Sylvia Sidney

Sylvia Sidney (August 8, 1910 The Bronx-July 1, 1999 New York City) otherwise known as Sophia Kosow, Sylvia Sydney, The Woman with the Heart-Shaped Face, The Saddest Eyes in Hollywood or Sid was an American actor and author. Her child is called Jacob Adler.

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Mary Wickes

Mary Wickes (June 13, 1910 St. Louis-October 22, 1995 Los Angeles) also known as Mary Isabelle Wickenhauser, Mary Wicks or Mary Isabella Wickenhauser was an American actor and voice actor.

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Margaret Lacey

Margaret Lacey (February 15, 1910 Wales-October 4, 1989 Llandudno) a.k.a. Margaret Brackenbury Lacey was a Welsh actor and ballet teacher.

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Amina Rizk

Amina Rizk (April 15, 1910 Tanta-August 24, 2003 Cairo) was an Egyptian actor.

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Joyce Grenfell

Joyce Grenfell (February 10, 1910 Westminster-November 30, 1979 Chelsea) also known as Joyce Irene Phipps, Joyce Irene Grenfell, Joyce Greenfell or Joyce Grenfell O.B.E. was a British actor, singer-songwriter and comedian.

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Patsy Kelly

Patsy Kelly (January 12, 1910 Brooklyn-September 24, 1981 Woodland Hills) otherwise known as Sarah Veronica Rose Kelly, Bridget Sarah Veronica Rose Kelly or Patsy was an American actor.

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Paulette Goddard

Paulette Goddard (June 3, 1910 Whitestone-April 23, 1990 Ronco sopra Ascona) also known as Marion Pauline Levy, Marion Goddard Levy, Pauline Marion Goddard Levy, Pauline Goddard Levy, Pauline Marion Levy or Marion Levy was an American model, actor, dancer, film producer and singer.

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Mary Loos

Mary Loos (May 6, 1910 San Diego-October 11, 2004 Monterey) a.k.a. Mary Anita Loos, Mary Sale, Mary Anita Loos Von Saltza or Von Saltza, Mary Anita Loos was an American screenwriter, actor and writer.

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Ilona Massey

Ilona Massey (June 16, 1910 Budapest-August 20, 1974 Bethesda) a.k.a. Ilona Hajmássy, Ilona von Hajmassy, Ilona Hagymasi or The new Dietrich was a Hungarian actor and opera singer.

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Elizabeth Allan

Elizabeth Allan (April 9, 1910 Skegness-July 27, 1990 Hove) also known as Elizabeth Allen was an English actor.

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Ruby Keeler

Ruby Keeler (August 25, 1910 Dartmouth-February 28, 1993 Rancho Mirage) a.k.a. Ethel Hilda Keeler was an American singer, actor and dancer. She had one child, Al Jolson Jr..

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Claire Trevor

Claire Trevor (March 8, 1910 Bensonhurst-April 8, 2000 Newport Beach) also known as Claire Wemlinger or The Queen of Film Noir was an American actor. Her child is called Charles Cylos Dunsmoore.

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Mae Clarke

Mae Clarke (August 16, 1910 Philadelphia-April 29, 1992 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Violet Mary Klotz or Mae Clark was an American actor.

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Edna Mae Harris

Edna Mae Harris (September 29, 1910 Harlem-September 15, 1997 New York City) a.k.a. Edna M. Harris, Edna May Harris or Edna Harris was an American actor.

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Julie Haydon

Julie Haydon (June 10, 1910 Oak Park-December 24, 1994 La Crosse) also known as Donella Donaldson or Donatella Donaldson was an American actor.

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