Famous actresses died as a result of Rheumatoid arthritis

Here are 2 famous actresses from the world died in Rheumatoid arthritis:

Viveca Lindfors

Viveca Lindfors (December 29, 1920 Uppsala-October 25, 1995 Uppsala) also known as Elsa Viveca Torstensdotter Lindfors or Ms. Lindfors was an American actor. She had three children, Lena Tabori, Kristoffer Tabori and John Tabori.

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Leonor Llausás

Leonor Llausás (August 3, 1929 Durango-February 13, 2003 Mexico City) also known as Leonor del Socorro Llausas Tostado, Leonor Plaza, Leonor Llauzas or Leonor Llausas was a Mexican actor.

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