French musicians died because of Brain tumor

Here are 1 famous musicians from France died in Brain tumor:

Jean Françaix

Jean Françaix (May 23, 1912 Le Mans-September 25, 1997 Paris) also known as Jean Francaix, Françaix, Jean, Jean René Désiré Françaix or Francaix was a French orchestrator, composer, pianist and film score composer. He had one child, Claude Françaix.

His albums include BBC Music, Volume 12, Number 11: Wind Quintets (Galliard Ensemble), , , Harpsichord Concertos, Complete Music for Cello and Piano and Klavierkonzerte. Genres he performed: Ballet, 20th-century classical music and Opera.

Jean Françaix was born in Le Mans, France, in 1912. He grew up in a musical family and began playing piano at an early age. He later studied at the Paris Conservatoire where he won several prizes for composition.

Throughout his career, Françaix composed music for a wide range of genres including ballet, chamber music, orchestras, and operas. He was also known for his film scores, most notably for the French comedy film "Le Diable et les Dix Commandements" (The Devil and the Ten Commandments).

In addition to his composition work, Françaix was a skilled pianist and often performed his own works in concert. He was particularly known for his playful and witty style, incorporating elements of jazz and popular music into his classical compositions.

Françaix was widely recognized in his lifetime for his contributions to the classical music world, and his musical legacy continues to influence and inspire contemporary composers. He passed away in Paris in 1997.

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