Greek movie stars died in 1951

Here are 1 famous actors from Greece died in 1951:

Aimilios Veakis

Aimilios Veakis (December 13, 1884 Piraeus-June 29, 1951 Athens) also known as Αιμίλιος Βεάκης was a Greek actor, soldier and writer.

Veakis began his acting career at a young age and became one of the most prominent actors in Greece, known for his work in both theater and film. He also played an important role in the Greek Resistance during World War II.

Veakis was an accomplished writer and penned several plays and books throughout his career. He was a member of the Academy of Athens and received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to Greek culture.

Despite his success, Veakis faced criticism for his support of the far-right dictatorship of Ioannis Metaxas in the 1930s. However, his legacy as a talented actor and influential cultural figure in Greece remains.

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