Indian movie stars died at 57

Here are 1 famous actresses from India died at 57:


Jaddanbai (April 5, 1892 Allahabad-April 8, 1949) a.k.a. Jaddan Bai, Jaddan Bai Hussain or Jaddanbai Mohanchand was an Indian singer, film director and actor. Her children are Anwar Hussain, Nargis and Akhtar Hussain.

Jaddanbai was born as as the daughter of a courtesan, Rajjab Ali Khan. She started performing as a singer at a young age and was soon recognised as a talented artist. In the 1920s, she moved to Bombay (now Mumbai) to work in the burgeoning film industry. She quickly gained popularity as a playback singer and actress, working with prominent film directors such as Mehboob Khan and Sohrab Modi.

In addition to her career in singing and acting, Jaddanbai was also a trailblazer for women in filmmaking. She wrote and directed her first film, Taalaash-e-Haq, in 1935, becoming one of the first Indian female film directors. She went on to direct several more films, including Moti Ka Haar (1940) and Madam Fashion (1942).

Jaddanbai's legacy in the film industry lives on through her children. Nargis, her daughter, went on to become one of the most iconic actresses of Indian cinema, starring in films such as Mother India (1957). Her son, Anwar Hussain, was a prolific character actor, while Akhtar Hussain became a noted film producer.

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