Iranian music stars died at age 80

Here are 5 famous musicians from Iran died at 80:

Sediqeh Dowlatabadi

Sediqeh Dowlatabadi (April 5, 1882 Isfahan-July 30, 1962) was an Iranian writer.

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Delkash (February 26, 1924 Babol-September 1, 2004 Tehran) was an Iranian singer.

Genres she performed: Classical music, Folk music and Traditional music.

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Roohangiz Saminejad

Roohangiz Saminejad (June 24, 1916 Bam-April 5, 1997) was an Iranian personality.

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Mohammad Nouri

Mohammad Nouri (December 22, 1929 Tehran-July 31, 2010) was an Iranian singer and composer.

Genres: Classical music.

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Maziar Partow

Maziar Partow (November 13, 1933 Tehran-January 22, 2014 California) otherwise known as Maziar Parto was an Iranian cinematographer.

He died as a result of cardiovascular disease.

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