Irish actors born in 1988

Here are 8 famous actors from Republic of Ireland were born in 1988:

Devon Murray

Devon Murray (October 28, 1988 County Kildare-) also known as Devon Michael Murray, Von, Dev or Murray is an Irish actor.

Robert Sheehan

Robert Sheehan (January 7, 1988 Port Laoise-) also known as Robert Sheehan, Robbie Sheehan, Roibeárd Míċeál Ó Siodhacháin, Robbie, Robert Michael Adam Sheehan or Robert Michael Sheehan is an Irish actor and voice actor.

Diarmuid Noyes

Diarmuid Noyes (January 14, 1988 Dublin-) also known as Dermo is an Irish actor.

Séamus Hanly

Séamus Hanly (June 18, 1988 Dublin-) also known as Seamus Hanly or James Mothersill is an Irish actor.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith (November 28, 1988 Dublin-) is an Irish actor.

Siva Kaneswaran

Siva Kaneswaran (November 16, 1988 Blanchardstown-) a.k.a. Kaneswaran, Siva, Siva Micheal Kaneswaran, The Wanted or SIva Kaneshwaren is an Irish singer, actor, model and television producer.

Conor Flannery

Conor Flannery (November 30, 1988 Sligo-) is an Irish actor.

Joseph Lydon

Joseph Lydon (June 9, 1988 Galway-) is an Irish actor.

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