Israeli music stars died at age 77

Here are 9 famous musicians from Israel died at 77:

Mosko Alkalai

Mosko Alkalai (March 10, 1931 Bucharest-April 1, 2008 Tel Aviv) also known as Moscu Alcalay, Mosco Alkalai, Moshe Alkalai or Mosku Alkalay was an Israeli actor. His children are called Ron Alkalai and Shai Alkalai.

He died caused by respiratory failure.

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Chaim Weizmann

Chaim Weizmann (November 27, 1874 Motal-November 9, 1952 Rehovot) was an Israeli scientist and chemist. He had one child, Michael Oser Weizmann.

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Peter Malkin

Peter Malkin (May 27, 1927 Żółkiewka-March 1, 2005 New York City) was an Israeli personality.

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Isidor Ascheim

Isidor Ascheim (April 5, 1891 Poznań-April 5, 1968) was an Israeli personality.

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Yitzhak Arieli

Yitzhak Arieli (April 5, 1896 Jerusalem-April 5, 1974) was an Israeli personality.

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Buky Schwartz

Buky Schwartz (June 16, 1932 Jerusalem-September 1, 2009) was an Israeli personality.

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Gary Bertini

Gary Bertini (May 1, 1927 Bessarabia-March 17, 2005 Tel HaShomer) was an Israeli conductor.

His albums include and Requiem / Mass in C minor.

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Nadav Safran

Nadav Safran (August 25, 1925 Cairo-July 5, 2003 State College) was an Israeli scientist.

He died caused by cancer.

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Shmulik Kraus

Shmulik Kraus (July 1, 1935 Jerusalem-February 17, 2013) also known as קראוס, שמוליק was an Israeli actor and musician.

His most recognized albums: , and .

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