Italian movie actresses died in the year 1957

Here are 4 famous actresses from Italy died in 1957:

Norina Matchabelli

Norina Matchabelli (March 3, 1880 Florence-June 15, 1957 Myrtle Beach) also known as Maria Carmi or Norina Gilli was an Italian actor and publisher.

She is best known for co-founding (with her husband) the perfume company Prince Matchabelli in 1926 in New York City. Norina was involved in fragrance development and marketing for the company, creating scents such as "Princess Norina" and "Aviance". Prior to her successful career in perfume, Norina was a well-regarded stage actor in Europe, including performances in the Covent Garden Opera House in London. She also wrote poetry and plays, and was a patron of the arts. During World War II, Norina and her husband supported the Allied effort by creating fragrances for American servicemen, and Norina conducted philanthropic work for the Red Cross.

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Laura Gore

Laura Gore (September 30, 1918 Bussoleno-March 27, 1957 Rome) a.k.a. Laura Emilia Regli was an Italian actor.

She was well-known for her roles in post-war Italian neorealist films, such as "Rome, Open City" and "Paisan." Gore began her acting career in 1944 and quickly made a name for herself with her naturalistic style of acting. She often portrayed working-class women and was praised for her authentic performances that reflected the struggles of the era. Despite her short career, Gore was regarded as one of the most talented actors of her generation. She tragically died at the age of 38 due to complications from cancer. Her legacy continues to live on through her unforgettable contributions to Italian cinema.

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Dina Romano

Dina Romano (August 29, 1888 Pistoia-November 7, 1957 Rome) a.k.a. Geltrude Ricci was an Italian actor and voice actor. Her children are called Carlo Romano and Felice Romano.

Dina Romano began her acting career in the silent film era and appeared in over 70 films during her career. She was known for her dramatic roles and her expressive face, which made her a star in both silent and sound films. In addition to her work as an actor, she was also a prolific voice actor and dubbed many Hollywood films into Italian.

Romano's notable film credits include "The Magic Flame" (1927), "Feu Mathias Pascal" (1934), and "Una donna tra due mondi" (1947). She also appeared on stage and in radio dramas throughout her career.

Despite her success in the film industry, Romano faced financial difficulties later in life and died in poverty in Rome in 1957. Nevertheless, she is remembered as a talented actor and pioneering voice artist in Italian cinema.

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Olga Vittoria Gentilli

Olga Vittoria Gentilli (July 19, 1888 Naples-May 29, 1957 Rapallo) was an Italian actor.

Gentilli started her acting career in the early 1910s, initially performing on stage in various Italian theaters. In the mid-1910s, she made her way into cinema, performing in her first film, "Beatrice Cenci", in 1916. She went on to appear in more than 70 films throughout her career, including silent films and talkies. She was widely recognized for her versatility in portraying a wide range of roles, from comedic to dramatic, and for her adeptness at playing both leading and supporting roles.

Some of Gentilli's most notable film appearances include "Cabiria" (1914), "Lo smemorato di Collegno" (1940), and "Miracolo a Viggi├╣" (1951). She also acted in several films alongside famous Italian actors such as Vittorio De Sica and Gina Lollobrigida.

Aside from her acting career, Gentilli was also known for her activism in the theatrical industry. She was a devoted advocate for the rights of actors and worked to improve the working conditions and wages of performers in Italy.

Gentilli passed away in 1957 at the age of 68, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most accomplished and beloved actors in Italian cinema history.

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