Slovak music stars died at age 54

Here are 2 famous musicians from Slovakia died at 54:

Péter Révay

Péter Révay (February 2, 1568 Sklabiňa-June 4, 1622 Trenčín) was a Slovak historian, poet and soldier.

He is best known for his work as a historian, particularly his chronicles of Hungarian history, which charted the country's evolution from the Roman period up to the 17th century. He authored several books on these topics, including "Hungarian Chronicon," "Hungarian Tripartitum," and "Hungarian Antiquities."

In addition to his literary pursuits, Révay served as a soldier in the Habsburg army, taking part in campaigns against the Ottoman Empire. He was also a member of the Hungarian Diet, and was known for his advocacy of the rights of the nobility.

Révay was born into a prominent family in what is now Slovakia, and he received an education befitting his station. He studied in Hungary, Austria, and Italy, and was fluent in several languages, including Latin and German.

Despite his many accomplishments, Révay's legacy is somewhat obscured by the political upheaval of his time. The 16th and 17th centuries were marked by wars and political turmoil across Europe, and Hungary was no exception. Nevertheless, Révay's contributions to the fields of history and literature have endured, and he remains an important figure in Slovak and Hungarian culture.

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Peter Pišťanek

Peter Pišťanek (April 28, 1960 Devínska Nová Ves-March 22, 2015) also known as Peter Pišt̕anek was a Slovak writer.

Peter Pišťanek is best known for his novels, which often depict the bleak reality of life in post-communist Slovakia. His most famous work, "Rivers of Babylon," was published in 1991 and was later adapted into a popular film in Slovakia. Pišťanek's writing is characterized by its darkly comedic and satirical tone, and he often explores themes of corruption, crime, and social inequality in his work. In addition to his writing, Pišťanek was also a notable public figure in Slovakia, and he frequently spoke out on issues related to politics and society. Despite his untimely death, Pišťanek remains an important figure in Slovak literature, and his work continues to be widely read to this day.

He died caused by suicide.

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