Italian movie actresses died in the year 1966

Here are 1 famous actresses from Italy died in 1966:

Rina De Liguoro

Rina De Liguoro (July 24, 1892 Florence-April 15, 1966 Rome) also known as Elena Caterina in De Liguoro, Countess Rina De Liguero, Countess De Liguoro or Countess De Rina was an Italian actor.

She was known for her work in Italian cinema and was a popular actress of her time. De Liguoro began her career in the early 1910s and appeared in several silent films. She gained critical acclaim for her performance in the 1919 film, "Il Fuoco" (The Fire) which was directed by Giovanni Pastrone. De Liguoro also worked as a costume and set designer in her career, and her contributions to the film industry were highly regarded. She was also a talented opera singer, and performed in several operas during her career. De Liguoro enjoyed a successful acting career throughout the 1920s and 1930s, and continued to work in the entertainment industry until her death in 1966. Her legacy lives on, as she remains an influential figure in Italian cinema.

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