Italian musicians born in the year 1988

Here are 5 famous musicians from Italy were born in 1988:

Andrea Caccese

Andrea Caccese (July 16, 1988 Italy-) is an Italian , .

Genres he performed: Folk music, Post-rock and Indie rock.

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Pierdavide Carone

Pierdavide Carone (June 30, 1988 Italy-) is an Italian songwriter and singer-songwriter.

His albums: , Una canzone pop and . Genres related to him: Pop rock and Pop music.

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Marco Mengoni

Marco Mengoni (December 25, 1988 Ronciglione-) is an Italian singer-songwriter.

His most recognized albums: Re matto live, Dove si vola, Re matto, Solo, In un giorno qualunque (new version), Solo 2.0, Dall'inferno, Non passerai, Bellissimo and #prontoacorrere.

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Silvia Olari

Silvia Olari (July 17, 1988 Parma-) is an Italian singer.

Her albums: Silvia Olari. Genres she performed include Pop music, Rhythm and blues and Soul music.

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Cristina Scuccia

Cristina Scuccia (October 2, 1988 Comiso-) also known as Suor Cristina Scuccia, Suor Cristina or Sister Cristina is an Italian nun and singer.

Her discography includes: Sister Cristina, Senza la tua voce (Without Your Voice) and Like a Virgin. Her related genres: Pop music, Soul music and Rock music.

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