Jamaican music stars died at age 55

Here are 4 famous musicians from Jamaica died at 55:

Roy Samuel Reid

Roy Samuel Reid (June 28, 1944 Saint Thomas Parish-November 27, 1999) a.k.a. I - Roy or I-Roy was a Jamaican personality.

His albums: Heart of a Lion, Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff (1972-1975), Black Man Time, Presenting I. Roy / Hell and Sorrow, Hell and Sorrow, Gussie Presenting I-Roy, Sensimilla Showdown, Musical Shark Attack, Dr. Fish and Hotter Yatta. His related genres: Reggae and Dancehall.

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Errol Thompson

Errol Thompson (December 29, 1948-November 13, 2004) also known as Errol T or Thompson, Errol was a Jamaican engineer and record producer.

His most important albums: The Black Foundation in Dub. Genres: Dub and Reggae.

He died in stroke.

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Frank Silvera

Frank Silvera (July 24, 1914 Kingston-June 11, 1970 Pasadena) also known as Frank Alvin Silvera or the man with a thousand faces was a Jamaican actor and theatre director. He had two children, Frank Silvera, Jr. and Linda Silvera.

He died in electrocution.

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Donald Sangster

Donald Sangster (October 26, 1911 Saint Elizabeth Parish-April 11, 1967 Montreal) was a Jamaican personality. His child is Bindley A. Sangster.

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