Japanese musicians born in 1977

Here are 46 famous musicians from Japan were born in 1977:

Takako Matsu

Takako Matsu (June 10, 1977 Tokyo-) otherwise known as Takako Fujima, Matsu, Takako, Kōka Matsumoto, Matsu Takako, Matsumoto Kōka, Sahashi Takako or Matsumoto Kōka Ⅰ is a Japanese actor, singer and songwriter.

Her albums: アイノトビラ, 夢のしずく, 月のダンス, , , 優しい風, コイシイヒト, a piece of life, 花のように and Five years - singles. Genres she performed include Pop music and J-pop.

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Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro (September 20, 1977 Naha-) also known as 安室奈美恵, Amuro Namie, Namie Maruyama, Amuro, Namie, あむろ なみえ, アムロちゃん or Amuro chan is a Japanese singer, record producer, songwriter, actor and dancer. She has one child, Haruto Amuro.

Her albums: 太陽のSEASON, Stop the music, DANCE TRACKS VOL.1, Body Feels EXIT, Chase the Chance, Don't wanna cry, You're my sunshine, SWEET 19 BLUES, SWEET 19 BLUES and ORIGINAL TRACKS VOL. 1. Genres: Rhythm and blues, J-pop, Contemporary R&B, Pop music, Hip hop music, House music, Eurobeat, Eurodance, Electronica, Dance music, Dance-pop, Urban contemporary, Pop-rap, Electronic dance music and Electro.

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Yuko Aoki

Yuko Aoki (February 5, 1977 Takahata-) is a Japanese singer, gravure idol and model.

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Ryō Hirohashi

Ryō Hirohashi (August 5, 1977 Nagaoka-) a.k.a. Ryo Hirohashi, Hirohashi Ryō, Ryou Hirohashi, Ryô Hirohashi, Ryoh Hirohashi, Hirohashi Ryo, Shiraishi, Nagomi (Hirohashi, Ryou), 広橋涼, Hirohashi, Ryo or Miderazaki, Hyouka (Hirohashi, Ryou) is a Japanese voice actor.

Her albums include Lucky Star Vocal Mini Album, ワタシと彼の事情, , , Rosario+Vampire CAPU2 Character Song 2 Kokoa Shuzen (CV:Chiwa Saito), and BAMBOO BEAT/STAR RISE.

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Cocco (January 19, 1977 Naha-) a.k.a. Satoko Makishi or Cocko is a Japanese singer, singer-songwriter, writer, film art director and actor.

Her albums include Cocko, , Buugenbiria, , , Raining, Kumuiuta, , and . Genres related to her: Pop music, Rock music, Folk music, Alternative rock, Grunge and J-pop.

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Aco (February 3, 1977 Aichi Prefecture-) is a Japanese singer-songwriter.

Her discography includes: Kittenish Love, NUDE, ハートを燃やして, irony, 4月のヒーロー, DROP, Home Sweet Home, SPLEEN, でておいで and やわらかい肌. Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Saeko Chiba

Saeko Chiba (August 26, 1977 Hachinohe-) a.k.a. Chiba Saeko or Saepon is a Japanese singer and voice actor.

Her albums: everything, Winter Story, melody, , Sayonara Solitia, , , , いちごコンプリート and .

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Masumi Asano

Masumi Asano (August 25, 1977 Noshiro-) a.k.a. Asano Masumi, Asano, Masumi, Masumin or Mari, Ayuki (Asano, Masumi) is a Japanese voice actor, lyricist, author, actor and television producer.

Her discography includes: happyend, , , , , and .

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Haruko Momoi

Haruko Momoi (December 14, 1977 Tokyo-) a.k.a. 桃井はるこ, Momoi Halko, Halko Momoi, Momoi Haruko, Momoi, Halko, 井上晴子, ももい はるこ, いのうえ はるこ, Halko, momo-i or Halko is a Japanese musician, songwriter, voice actor, radio personality, lyricist, composer and singer-songwriter.

Her most recognized albums: , Komugi 100% Shiyou!, , , , , ファミソン8BIT, , and .

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Kumiko Nakano

Kumiko Nakano (March 3, 1977 Osaka-) is a Japanese actor and musician.

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Miho Kanno

Miho Kanno (August 22, 1977-) also known as Kanno Miho or Kanchan is a Japanese actor and singer.

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Kiyoshi Hikawa

Kiyoshi Hikawa (September 6, 1977 Fukuoka-) a.k.a. 氷川きよし, ひかわ きよし or Hikawa Kiyoshi is a Japanese singer.

His most well known albums: Otokogi, 演歌名曲コレクション6~一剣~, きよしのソーラン節, 浪曲一代/望郷の月, ときめきのルンバ and . Genres: Enka, Pop music and Kayōkyoku.

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Angela Aki

Angela Aki (September 15, 1977 Itano-) also known as アンジェラ・アキ, 安藝 聖世美 アンジェラ, Kiyomi Angela Aki or Aki Angela is a Japanese singer.

Her albums: ONE, Warrior of the Heart, Kokoro no Senshi, Kiss Me Good-Bye, This Love, Home, , サクラ色, 孤独のカケラ and TODAY. Her related genres: J-pop and Pop music.

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Hisako Arakaki

Hisako Arakaki (August 8, 1977-) is a Japanese singer.

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Ritsuko Matsuda

Ritsuko Matsuda (February 26, 1977 Naha-) is a Japanese singer.

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Oma Ichimura

Oma Ichimura (May 3, 1977 Kanagawa Prefecture-) also known as Tomoko Omata, Ichimura Oma or Omata Tomoko is a Japanese voice actor.

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Miho Yabe

Miho Yabe (June 7, 1977 Asahikawa-) is a Japanese tv personality, actor and model.

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Megumi Matsumoto

Megumi Matsumoto (February 6, 1977 Kumamoto Prefecture-) a.k.a. Matsumoto Megumi is a Japanese voice actor.

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Miwa Yasuda

Miwa Yasuda (December 6, 1977 Hyōgo Prefecture-) is a Japanese voice acting in japan.

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Shūhei Sakaguchi

Shūhei Sakaguchi (September 5, 1977 Osaka Prefecture-) also known as Shuhei Sakaguchi is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Kenta Miyake

Kenta Miyake (August 23, 1977 Okinawa Prefecture-) also known as Miyake Kenta, Kenta Miyaki, Miyake, Kenta or 三宅 健太 is a Japanese voice actor.

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Mitsuru Karahashi

Mitsuru Karahashi (May 30, 1977 Fukushima Prefecture-) also known as Karahashi Mitsuru is a Japanese actor and illustrator.

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Hiroki Yasumoto

Hiroki Yasumoto (March 16, 1977 Yamaguchi Prefecture-) also known as Yasumoto Hiroki is a Japanese voice actor.

Related albums: , , and .

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Ryōko Ono

Ryōko Ono (June 22, 1977 Kanagawa Prefecture-) also known as Ono Ryōko, Nazuna Gogyō, Gogyō Nazuna, Ryouko Ono, Ono, Ryoko or 小野良子 is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Ginpei Sato

Ginpei Sato (October 19, 1977 Tokyo-) is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Shinobu Otowa

Shinobu Otowa (March 16, 1977 Shimonoseki-) is a Japanese singer.

Discography: . Genres related to her: Enka.

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Dai Fujikura

Dai Fujikura (April 27, 1977 Osaka-) is a Japanese , .

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Yūki Tai

Yūki Tai (October 6, 1977 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Yuuki Tai is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Chiaki Takahashi

Chiaki Takahashi (May 8, 1977 Yokohama-) a.k.a. Takahashi Chiaki, Tomoko Ishibashi or Takahashi, Chiaki is a Japanese voice actor, singer and model.


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Chihiro Suzuki

Chihiro Suzuki (February 17, 1977 Yamagata Prefecture-) a.k.a. Suzuki Chihiro or Chi-chan is a Japanese voice actor.

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Kazuhito Kikuchi

Kazuhito Kikuchi (October 15, 1977 Tokyo-) a.k.a. きくちかずひと, 菊地 一仁, きくち かずひと, Kikuchi, Kazuhito, Kikuchi Kazuhito or 菊地一仁 is a Japanese composer.

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Mayumi Iizuka

Mayumi Iizuka (January 3, 1977 Tokyo-) also known as Iizuka Mayumi is a Japanese actor, voice actor and singer.

Related albums: , Fly Ladybird fly, so loving, AERIS, 虹の咲く場所, amulet, BESTrawberry, 10Love, Crystal Days and Stories.

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Leyona (August 31, 1977 Hiroshima Prefecture-) is a Japanese songwriter and singer.

Her discography includes: Leyona's Greatest Groovin', , MELODY, Clappin', MAMA AFRICA, , Tone, , Free wave/JOY TO THE WORLD and One blooD.

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Toshiya (March 31, 1977 Nagano-) is a Japanese record producer, bassist, composer and model.

Genres he performed: Heavy metal and Rock music.

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Ai Tokunaga

Ai Tokunaga (March 12, 1977 Fukuoka Prefecture-) also known as Tokunaga Ai or Tokunaga, Ai is a Japanese singer and voice actor.

Her discography includes: Love ~A Love Operation for Virtual Eternity~ and flame.

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Masahiro Matsuoka

Masahiro Matsuoka (January 11, 1977 Sapporo-) also known as Matsuoka Masahiro, Matsuoka, Masahiro, Mabo or Maa-kun is a Japanese drummer and actor.

Genres: Rock music.

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Asami Imai

Asami Imai (May 16, 1977 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Imai Asami is a Japanese voice actor and singer.

Her albums: Strawberry ~甘く切ない涙~ / Kissing a dream, ねこねこ音頭, , , THE iDOLM@STER MASTERPIECE 05, THE IDOLM@STER MASTER SPECIAL WINTER, 私はアイドル, , THE iDOLM@STER MASTERPIECE 02 and THE iDOLM@STER MASTERPIECE 04. Genres: J-pop.

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Yugo Kanno

Yugo Kanno (June 5, 1977 Saitama Prefecture-) a.k.a. Yûgo Kanno is a Japanese musician, film score composer, painter, composer and music producer.

His most important albums: , HATARAKIMAN ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK, , PSYCHO-PASS SOUNDTRACK 1, , PSYCHO-PASS Complete Original Soundtrack, PSYCHO-PASS SOUNDTRACK 2, Rain Original Soundtrack, and Psycho-Pass Season One OST. Genres he performed include Jazz, Electronic music, Classical music, Acoustic music and Rock music.

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Shingo Katori

Shingo Katori (January 31, 1977 Yokohama-) also known as Katori Shingo or Katori, Shingo is a Japanese singer, actor, dancer, voice actor and presenter.

His albums: Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo and . His related genres: J-pop.

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Aki Hoshino

Aki Hoshino (March 14, 1977 Setagaya-) also known as Hoshino Aki or Hoshino, Aki is a Japanese gravure idol, model and actor.

Her most well known albums: NyaA.

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Kazunari Kojima

Kazunari Kojima (December 12, 1977 Tokyo-) otherwise known as Kojima Kazunari is a Japanese voice actor.

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Sayori Ishizuka

Sayori Ishizuka (August 30, 1977 Shizuoka Prefecture-) also known as Sayori Ishiduka is a Japanese voice actor.

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Daisuke Tsuda

Daisuke Tsuda (September 13, 1977-) also known as 津田 大輔, Tsuda Daisuke, ダイスケはん, Daisuke-han or 津田大輔 is a Japanese musician and singer.

Genres he performed: Nu metal, Hardcore punk and Metalcore.

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Yūko Andō

Yūko Andō (May 9, 1977 Kanagawa Prefecture-) also known as あんどう ゆうこ, あんどうゆうこ, Ando Yuko, 安藤 裕子, Andou Yuuko, Nee-yan, Üchary Andrew or Andō Yūko is a Japanese record producer, songwriter, composer, actor and singer.

Her discography includes: , and do, record., 水色の調べ, Middle Tempo Magic, あなたと私にできる事, Lost child,, さみしがり屋の言葉達, Merry Andrew, TEXAS and The Still Steel Down. Genres she performed include J-pop.

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Junji Ishiwatari

Junji Ishiwatari (August 21, 1977 Japan-) is a Japanese musician, record producer, songwriter and guitarist.

His albums include . Genres related to him: Rock music and Pop music.

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Miyu Matsuki

Miyu Matsuki (September 14, 1977 Kure-) a.k.a. Fujiyoshi, Harumi, 藤吉晴美, 松来 未祐, Matsuki Miyu, Mieko Matsuki, Matsuki Mieko, Matsuki,Miyu, Saginomiya, Isumi starring Matsuki, Miya or 松来未祐 is a Japanese voice actor.

Her discography includes: , Lucky Star Vocal Mini Album, , , , and White Sincerely.

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