Japanese musicians died at 47

Here are 10 famous musicians from Japan died at 47:

Shūji Terayama

Shūji Terayama (December 10, 1935 Hirosaki-May 4, 1983 Suginami) also known as Shuuji Terayama or Terayama Shūji was a Japanese film director, writer, photographer, playwright, poet and screenwriter.

His most important albums: .

He died in cirrhosis.

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Yumeno Kyūsaku

Yumeno Kyūsaku (January 4, 1889 Fukuoka-March 11, 1936 Tokyo) was a Japanese writer and novelist.

He died caused by cerebral hemorrhage.

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Ōkubo Toshimichi

Ōkubo Toshimichi (September 26, 1830 Kagoshima-May 14, 1878 Kagoshima) a.k.a. Okubo Toshimichi was a Japanese politician and samurai.

He died as a result of assassination.

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Kanō Eitoku

Kanō Eitoku (February 16, 1543 Kyoto-October 12, 1590) also known as Eitoku Kanō was a Japanese personality.

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Fumiko Hayashi

Fumiko Hayashi (December 31, 1903 Shimonoseki-June 28, 1951 Tokyo) a.k.a. Hayashi Fumiko was a Japanese novelist and writer. Her child is .

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Yasuko Namba

Yasuko Namba (February 2, 1949-May 10, 1996) was a Japanese mountaineer.

She died as a result of mountaineering.

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Yoshifumi Kondō

Yoshifumi Kondō (March 31, 1950 Gosen-January 21, 1998 Tachikawa) a.k.a. Yoshifumi Kondo was a Japanese animator.

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Teiji Ito

Teiji Ito (January 22, 1935 Tokyo-August 16, 1982 Haiti) a.k.a. 伊藤貞司 or Itō Teiji was a Japanese film score composer, composer and performer. He had one child, Tavia Ito.

His albums include King Ubu, Tenno, Watermill, Meshes: Music for Films and Theater and The Shamanic Principles. Genres he performed: Ballet.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Tomiko Suzuki

Tomiko Suzuki (January 3, 1956 Aichi Prefecture-July 7, 2003) was a Japanese voice actor.

She died in heart failure.

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Masao Nakamura

Masao Nakamura (May 15, 1892 Ishikawa Prefecture-December 25, 1939 Guangxi) was a Japanese personality.

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