Swedish movie stars died in Pneumonia

Here are 2 famous actors from Sweden died in Pneumonia:

Warner Oland

Warner Oland (October 3, 1879 Bjurholm Municipality-August 6, 1938 Stockholm) also known as Jack, Johan Verner Öhlund, Johan Verner Ölund or Johan Verner Olund was a Swedish actor.

He became famous in Hollywood for his portrayal of the Chinese detective Charlie Chan in more than a dozen films. Oland also appeared in numerous other films during his career, including the role of Dr. Fu Manchu in several adaptations. Despite being of Swedish descent, Oland often played characters of Asian descent, a practice that has been criticized in modern times. Oland had a successful career in both silent and talking films, and remains a notable figure in early Hollywood cinema history.

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Ernst Rolf

Ernst Rolf (January 20, 1891 Falun-December 25, 1932 Stockholm) also known as Ernst Ragnar Johansson was a Swedish singer and actor. His children are called Tom Rolf, Sven-Erik Rolf, Aniti Rolf and Lars Rolf.

Ernst Rolf was a prominent figure in the Swedish entertainment industry, known for his contributions to revues, operettas, and films. He first gained mainstream success in the 1910s as a singer in various vaudeville shows, quickly becoming known for his unique voice and energetic performances.

In addition to his work on stage and screen, Rolf was also a prolific songwriter and composer, penning many hits that have since become beloved classics in Sweden. He frequently collaborated with other prominent writers and artists of the era, including Nils Perne, Karl Gerhard, and Evert Taube.

Despite his success, Rolf's life was tragically cut short in 1932 when he died in a plane crash while on tour in Finland. His death was mourned by fans and colleagues alike, and he is still remembered to this day as one of Sweden's most iconic and beloved performers.

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