Mexican musicians who were born in 1982

Here are 6 famous musicians from Mexico were born in 1982:

Kat Von D

Kat Von D (March 8, 1982 Montemorelos-) also known as Katherine Von Drachenberg or Kat von D is a Mexican tv personality, tattoo artist, presenter, television producer, model and actor.

She was born in Mexico but grew up in California, where she developed an interest in tattooing at a young age. Kat began her career as a tattoo artist in 2003 and quickly gained fame for her intricate and detailed designs. In 2007, she became a household name as a cast member on the popular reality TV show "Miami Ink."

After her departure from "Miami Ink," Kat went on to star in her own show, "LA Ink," which followed her as she opened her own tattoo shop in Los Angeles. She also established her own makeup line in 2008, which became particularly popular for its vegan and cruelty-free products. In addition to her appearances on reality television, Kat has also made guest appearances on several other TV shows, such as "The Walking Dead" and "Sons of Anarchy."

Throughout her career, Kat has been recognized for her exceptional talent in tattoo artistry, winning numerous awards and setting world records. She has also been noted for being a strong advocate for animal rights and veganism, and often incorporates those values into her work. Kat continues to be a prominent figure in the tattoo and makeup industries, and frequently shares her art and messages on social media.

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Aarón Díaz

Aarón Díaz (March 7, 1982 Puerto Vallarta-) also known as Aaron Diaz, Aaron Diaz Spencer or Gilberto Aaron Diaz Spencer is a Mexican singer, model and actor. He has one child, Erin Díaz.

Discography: Unamos Ya, Coqueta, Aaron Diaz and Enamorate de Mi. Genres he performed include Pop music and Jazz.

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Hiromi Hayakawa

Hiromi Hayakawa (October 19, 1982 Fukuoka Prefecture-) is a Mexican singer.

Genres she performed: Pop music and Latin American music.

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Ricardo Caballero Tostado

Ricardo Caballero Tostado (January 19, 1982-) otherwise known as Ricardo Cabllero Tostado is a Mexican singer.

Genres: Pop music and Latin American music.

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Kalimba (July 26, 1982 Mexico City-) otherwise known as Kalimba Marichal or Kalimba Kadjhali Marichal Ibar is a Mexican singer.

Discography: Aerosoul, NegroKlaro, Lat'n Party, and .

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Mané de la Parra

Mané de la Parra (December 23, 1982 Mexico City-) is a Mexican , .

His related genres: Rock music and Latin pop.

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