Mexican music stars who deceased at age 77

Here are 18 famous musicians from Mexico died at 77:

Miguel de la Madrid

Miguel de la Madrid (December 12, 1934 Colima-April 1, 2012 Mexico City) was a Mexican lawyer. His child is Enrique de la Madrid Cordero.

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Dolores del Río

Dolores del Río (August 3, 1905 Durango-April 11, 1983 Newport Beach) also known as Dolores Martínez Asúnsolo y López Negrete, Dolores Martinez Asunsolo Lopez Negrete, Lolita, female Valentino, María de los Dolores Asúnsolo López-Negrete, María de los Dolores Asúnsolo y López Negrete, Dolores or Dolores Del Rio was a Mexican actor, dancer and singer.

She died caused by liver failure.

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José Vasconcelos

José Vasconcelos (February 28, 1882 Oaxaca-June 30, 1959 Mexico City) otherwise known as Jose Vasconcelos was a Mexican lawyer, writer, politician and philosopher.

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Daniel Cosío Villegas

Daniel Cosío Villegas (July 23, 1898 Mexico-March 10, 1976) also known as Daniel Cosio Villegas was a Mexican lawyer and economist.

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Roberto Gavaldón

Roberto Gavaldón (June 7, 1909 Jiménez Municipality, Chihuahua-September 4, 1986 Mexico City) a.k.a. Roberto Gavaldon, Roberto Gavaldón Leyva, R. Gavaldón or Roberto Gabaldon was a Mexican film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor. His child is called Roberta Gavaldón.

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Rafael Garza Gutiérrez

Rafael Garza Gutiérrez (December 13, 1896 Mexico-July 3, 1974) was a Mexican personality.

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Max Cetto

Max Cetto (February 20, 1903 Koblenz-April 5, 1980 Mexico City) was a Mexican architect. He had one child, Ana María Cetto.

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Luis Cabrera Lobato

Luis Cabrera Lobato (July 17, 1876 Zacatlán-April 12, 1954 Mexico City) was a Mexican personality. He had one child, Malú Block.

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Ricardo Lancaster-Jones y Verea

Ricardo Lancaster-Jones y Verea (February 9, 1905 Guadalajara-January 20, 1983 Guadalajara) was a Mexican diplomat, entrepreneur and journalist.

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David Alfaro Siqueiros

David Alfaro Siqueiros (December 29, 1896 Chihuahua-January 6, 1974 Cuernavaca) was a Mexican artist, painter and visual artist.

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Carlos Ramírez Ulloa

Carlos Ramírez Ulloa (November 6, 1903 Guadalajara-December 22, 1980) was a Mexican personality.

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Renato Prada Oropeza

Renato Prada Oropeza (October 17, 1937 Potosí-April 5, 2015 Puebla) was a Mexican professor, writer and poet.

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Dolores Camarillo

Dolores Camarillo (March 31, 1910 San Luis Potosí-February 8, 1988 Mexico City) also known as Dolores Sepúlveda Camarillo, Fraustita, Little Woman Frausto, Dolores C. 'Fraustita', Dolores Camarillo 'Fraustita', Dolores 'Fraustita' Camarillo, Dolorez Camarillo, Lola Camarillo, Lolita Camarillo, 'Fraustita', Dolores C. Frausto, Dolores C. de Frausto, Dolores C. de Fraustro or 'Frausta' was a Mexican actor, makeup artist and teacher.

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Alex Phillips

Alex Phillips (January 11, 1900 Renfrew-June 14, 1977 Mexico City) also known as Alex Phillips Sr. or Alec Phillips was a Mexican cinematographer. His children are Alex Phillips Jr. and Myrna Phillips.

He died as a result of thrombus.

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Antonio Raxel

Antonio Raxel (April 13, 1922 San Cristóbal de las Casas-November 25, 1999 Mexico City) a.k.a. Antonio S. Raxel, Antonio Raxell, Antonio Salazar, Alejos Antonio Salazar, Raxel Antonio or Antonio Salazar Alejos was a Mexican actor and voice actor.

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Tom Fears

Tom Fears (December 3, 1922 Guadalajara-January 4, 2000 Palm Desert) a.k.a. Thomas Jesse Fears or Tom Sildari Fears was a Mexican american football player, coach and actor.

He died in alzheimer's disease.

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Jacques Gelman

Jacques Gelman (October 30, 1909 Saint Petersburg-December 3, 1986 Cuernavaca) was a Mexican film producer.

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Meche Barba

Meche Barba (September 24, 1922 New York City-January 14, 2000 Mexico City) a.k.a. Mercedes Barba Feito, Mercedes Barba, Meche Izanda or The Mexican Venus was a Mexican actor and dancer.

She died caused by heart failure.

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