Moroccan musicians died when they were 51

Here are 1 famous musicians from Morocco died at 51:

Mohammed V of Morocco

Mohammed V of Morocco (August 10, 1909 Fes-February 26, 1961 Rabat) was a Moroccan personality. He had eight children, Hassan II of Morocco, Princess Lalla Aicha of Morocco, Lalla Fatima Zohra, Princess Lalla Amina of Morocco, Princess Lalla Malika of Morocco, Prince Moulay Abdallah of Morocco, Lalla Nuzha and Princess Lalla Nuzha of Morocco.

Mohammed V of Morocco was a key figure in Morocco's struggle for independence from France. He was appointed sultan in 1927 and ruled until Morocco achieved independence in 1956, after which he became the country's first king. He is widely regarded as an important symbol of Moroccan nationalism and a unifying figure for the country's diverse ethnic and religious groups. Despite facing significant challenges including exile, imprisonment and assassination attempts, Mohammed V remained a steadfast advocate for Moroccan independence and was able to secure the country's autonomy and unite its people. He is remembered as one of the most beloved monarchs in Moroccan history.

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