Polish movie actresses died in the year 1959

Here are 3 famous actresses from Poland died in 1959:

Gilda Gray

Gilda Gray (October 24, 1901 Kraków-December 22, 1959 Hollywood Boulevard) otherwise known as The Shimmy Queen or Marianna Michalska was a Polish actor and dancer. Her child is called Martin Gorecki.

Gilda Gray was born as Marianna Michalska in Kraków, Poland in 1901. She began her career as a dancer at a young age and quickly gained attention for her signature dance move, the shimmy. In the 1920s, she became a major star of the vaudeville circuit in the United States, earning the nickname "The Shimmy Queen."

Gray also appeared in several films during the silent film era, including "Aloma of the South Seas" (1926) and "The Devil Dancer" (1927). She continued to perform on stage and in films throughout the 1930s and 1940s.

After retiring from performing, Gray worked as a real estate agent in Palm Springs, California. She passed away in 1959 and was buried in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Gray's legacy as an iconic figure of the Roaring Twenties lives on today. Her son, Martin Gorecki, became a noted musician and founder of the electronic band Depeche Mode.

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Maria Duleba

Maria Duleba (October 17, 1881 Kraków-May 6, 1959 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

She was born in Kraków, Poland on October 17, 1881. Maria Duleba made her acting debut on stage at the age of 20, and she quickly gained popularity for her exceptional performances. She was known for her acting roles in both drama and comedy.

In 1914, she became a co-founder of the legendary Polski Theater in Warsaw, which was known for presenting modern and innovative theatrical plays. Maria Duleba remained a prominent figure in the theater until its closure in 1939, due to World War II.

During the war, Maria Duleba was involved in underground activities against the Nazi regime in Poland. After the war, she continued her acting career and became a member of the National Theater in Warsaw.

Maria Duleba passed away in Warsaw on May 6, 1959, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most renowned actors in Polish theater history.

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Maria Gorczyńska

Maria Gorczyńska (January 27, 1899 Lublin-June 23, 1959 Warsaw) also known as Maria Gorczynska was a Polish actor and theatre director.

She studied at the Actors Studio of Kazimierz Brodzinski in Warsaw and debuted on stage in 1919. In the interwar period, she performed at several professional theaters in Warsaw and Krakow, including the Stary Theatre and the National Theatre. During World War II, she continued to act in illegal underground theaters despite the danger of being discovered by German occupiers. After the war, she became a director and led a number of successful productions. She was also involved in the training and education of young actors at the State Acting School. In recognition of her artistic achievements, she was awarded the State Prize in 1950. She died in 1959 and was buried at the Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw.

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