Serbian movie actors died in the year 2000

Here are 1 famous actors from Serbia died in 2000:

Marko Todorović

Marko Todorović (June 2, 1929-August 29, 2000 Belgrade) otherwise known as Marko Todorovic was a Serbian actor.

He graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in 1953 and went on to have a successful career in film, theater, and television. Todorović was known for his versatility as an actor and his ability to portray complex characters with ease. Some of his notable film roles include "Ko to tamo peva" (Who’s Singing Over There?), "Balkan Express", and "Mala Noćna Muzika" (Small Night Music). He was also a regular cast member in several popular television series, including "Vruc Vetar" (Hot Wind) and "Bolji zivot" (Better Life). In addition to his acting career, Todorović was also a writer and director, and he published several books throughout his lifetime. He was honored with numerous awards for his contributions to Serbian cinema and theater, including the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the Serbia Film Festival in 1993. Todorović passed away in 2000 in Belgrade at the age of 71.

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