Serbian musicians died when they were 55

Here are 1 famous musicians from Serbia died at 55:

Vladimir Ćorović

Vladimir Ćorović (October 27, 1885 Mostar-April 12, 1941 Greece) also known as Vladimir Corovic was a Serbian scientist.

However, he is primarily known for being a historian and one of the greatest Serbian historiographers of the 20th century. Ćorović's extensive research on the history of the Balkans, particularly Serbia, resulted in numerous acclaimed works, including "Illyrian Serbia," "Bosnian Kingdom," and "History of the Serbs." In addition to his significant contributions to Serbian historiography, Ćorović also made strides in the fields of archaeology and ethnology. He notably served as the director of the National Museum in Belgrade and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Sadly, Ćorović's life was cut short when he was executed during World War II by the occupying German forces while he was in Greece undertaking a research visit.

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