Spanish musicians died when they were 49

Here are 3 famous musicians from Spain died at 49:

Eulogio Martínez

Eulogio Martínez (June 11, 1935 Asunción-September 30, 1984 Barcelona) also known as Eulogio Martinez was a Spanish personality.

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Emilio Mola

Emilio Mola (June 9, 1887 Placetas-June 3, 1937 Alcocero de Mola) was a Spanish personality.

He died as a result of aviation accident or incident.

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Dulce Chacón

Dulce Chacón (June 6, 1954 Zafra-December 3, 2003 Brunete) also known as Dulce Chacon or Dulce Chacón Gutiérrez was a Spanish writer.

She died as a result of cancer.

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