Swedish actors who were born in 1969

Here are 7 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1969:

Paolo Roberto

Paolo Roberto (February 3, 1969 Upplands Väsby-) also known as Paolo Antonio Roberto is a Swedish actor, television show host, author, tv chef and martial artist. He has two children, Elisa Roberto and Enzo Antonio Roberto.

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Måns Mårlind

Måns Mårlind (July 29, 1969 Vallentuna-) a.k.a. Måns Magnus Mårlind, Mårlind or Måns Marlind is a Swedish screenwriter, film director, television director and actor.

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Torkel Petersson

Torkel Petersson (August 19, 1969 Lund-) also known as Ola Torkel Petersson or Torkel Pettersson is a Swedish actor and screenwriter.

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Alexander Tolstoy

Alexander Tolstoy (July 1, 1969 Lidingö Municipality-) is a Swedish actor.

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Robert Jelinek

Robert Jelinek (September 20, 1969 Växjö-) otherwise known as Roberto Jelinek is a Swedish actor and writer. His children are called Sam Jelinek and Liva Jelinek.

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Dragomir Mrsic

Dragomir Mrsic (October 2, 1969 Prijedor-) also known as Dragomir 'Gago' Mrsic is a Swedish actor.

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Peter Settman

Peter Settman (February 24, 1969 Aspudden-) is a Swedish actor, screenwriter and television producer.

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