Austrian musicians died at 56

Here are 13 famous musicians from Austria died at 56:

Joseph Boehm

Joseph Boehm (July 6, 1834 Vienna-December 12, 1890 London) was an Austrian sculptor.

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Paul Neumann

Paul Neumann (June 13, 1875 Vienna-February 9, 1932 Vienna) was an Austrian swimmer.

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Richard L. Heschl

Richard L. Heschl (July 5, 1824-May 26, 1881 Vienna) also known as Richard Heschl or Dr. Richard L. Heschl was an Austrian physician.

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Anton Kolm

Anton Kolm (October 12, 1865 Vienna-October 11, 1922 Vienna) also known as Gustav Anton Kolm was an Austrian film director and film producer. He had one child, Walter Kolm-Veltée.

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Ernst Kris

Ernst Kris (April 26, 1900 Vienna-February 27, 1957 New York City) was an Austrian psychologist.

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Georg Braun

Georg Braun (February 22, 1907 Vienna-September 22, 1963 Linz) was an Austrian personality.

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Otto Bauer

Otto Bauer (September 5, 1881 Vienna-July 5, 1938 Paris) was an Austrian philosopher.

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Alfred Hermann Fried

Alfred Hermann Fried (November 11, 1864 Vienna-May 5, 1921 Vienna) was an Austrian journalist and peace activist.

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Emil Lederer

Emil Lederer (July 22, 1882 Pilsen-May 29, 1939 New York City) was an Austrian scientist and economist.

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Richard Tauber

Richard Tauber (May 16, 1891 Linz-January 8, 1948 London) a.k.a. Richard Denemy, Ernst Seiffert, Carl Tauber or C. Richard Tauber was an Austrian singer and actor.

Related albums: My Heart and I (disc 2), Schöner Gigolo, Armer Gigolo / Du Bist Mein Stern and .

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Carl Zeller

Carl Zeller (June 19, 1842 Sankt Peter in der Au-August 17, 1898 Baden District, Austria) otherwise known as Zeller, Carl was an Austrian composer.

Discography: . Genres he performed include Operetta.

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Archduke Karl Ferdinand of Austria

Archduke Karl Ferdinand of Austria (July 29, 1818 Vienna-November 20, 1874 Židlochovice) was an Austrian personality. He had four children, Maria Christina of Austria, Archduke Eugen of Austria, Archduke Friedrich, Duke of Teschen and Archduke Charles Stephen of Austria.

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 Braunau am Inn-April 30, 1945 Berlin) also known as Hitler, Adolf Schicklgruber, Adolph Hitler, Der Führer, Wolf, Adolf Hiedler or GröFaZ was an Austrian politician, writer, artist, soldier and visual artist. His child is called Jean-Marie Loret.

He died caused by suicide.

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