Belgian music stars who deceased at age 73

Here are 26 famous musicians from Belgium died at 73:

André Franquin

André Franquin (January 3, 1924 Etterbeek-January 5, 1997 Saint-Laurent-du-Var) also known as Andre Franquin, A Franquin or Franquin was a Belgian cartoonist, screenwriter and comics artist.

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Eugène Joseph Delporte

Eugène Joseph Delporte (January 10, 1882 Belgium-October 19, 1955 Uccle) also known as Eugene Joseph Delporte was a Belgian scientist and astronomer.

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Constantin Meunier

Constantin Meunier (April 12, 1831 Etterbeek-April 4, 1905 Brussels) a.k.a. Constantin Emile Meunier was a Belgian artist and visual artist.

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Luis Siret

Luis Siret (August 26, 1860 Belgium-June 7, 1934) was a Belgian scientist.

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Radu Bălescu

Radu Bălescu (July 18, 1932 Bucharest-June 1, 2006) a.k.a. Radu Balescu was a Belgian scientist.

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Félix Goblet d'Alviella

Félix Goblet d'Alviella (May 26, 1884 Ixelles-July 2, 1957 Brussels) was a Belgian scientist. He had one child, Jean Goblet d'Alviella.

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Paul-Henri Spaak

Paul-Henri Spaak (January 25, 1899 Schaerbeek-July 31, 1972 Braine-l'Alleud) also known as Paul Henri Charles Spaak was a Belgian personality. His children are Marie Marguerite Spaak, Antoinette Spaak and Fernand Spaak.

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Joseph Mermans

Joseph Mermans (February 16, 1922 Merksem-January 20, 1996 Essen) was a Belgian personality.

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Jef Planckaert

Jef Planckaert (May 4, 1934 Poperinge-May 22, 2007) was a Belgian professional road racing cyclist.

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Georges Lebacq

Georges Lebacq (September 26, 1876 Jemappes-August 4, 1950 Bruges) was a Belgian personality.

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Eduard Lassen

Eduard Lassen (April 13, 1830 Copenhagen-January 15, 1904 Weimar) was a Belgian conductor.

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Hector Martin

Hector Martin (December 26, 1898 Roeselare-August 9, 1972 Roeselare) was a Belgian personality.

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François Neuville

François Neuville (November 24, 1912-April 12, 1986) was a Belgian personality.

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Louis Proost

Louis Proost (April 7, 1935 Halle-February 3, 2009) was a Belgian personality.

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Nicaise de Keyser

Nicaise de Keyser (August 26, 1813 Zandvliet-July 17, 1887 Antwerp) was a Belgian artist and visual artist.

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Jules Vandenpeereboom

Jules Vandenpeereboom (March 18, 1843 Kortrijk-March 6, 1917 Anderlecht) was a Belgian personality.

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Paul Janson

Paul Janson (April 11, 1840 Herstal-April 19, 1913 Brussels) was a Belgian politician. He had one child, Marie Janson.

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Jean-Luc Dehaene

Jean-Luc Dehaene (August 7, 1940 Montpellier-May 15, 2014 Quimper) was a Belgian personality.

He died as a result of falling.

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Marthe Cnockaert

Marthe Cnockaert (October 28, 1892 Westrozebeke-January 8, 1966 Westrozebeke) also known as Martha Cnockhaert McKenna, Marthe McKenna or Marthe Mathilde Cnockaert was a Belgian writer.

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Violetta Villas

Violetta Villas (June 10, 1938 Verviers-December 5, 2011 Lewin Kłodzki) also known as Czesława Maria Gospodarek, mlle. Villas, VV, Czeslawa Cieslak, Czeslawa Cieslak-Gospodarek, Czeslawa Maria Cieslak, Czesława Gospodarek, the voice of the atomic age, the singing toast of the continent, a voice like French champagne or Viola was a Belgian singer, actor, songwriter and composer. She had one child, Krzysztof Gospodarek.

Her discography includes: To comfort the heart and warmth the soul, Christmas carols from heart, When Jesus Christus was born..., The most beautiful Christmas carols, There is no love without jealousy, About Love..., Dolly, Valentine hits, Mundial'86 and For mum. Genres she performed: Traditional pop music, Opera, Operatic pop, Torch song and Jazz.

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Jan Camiel Willems

Jan Camiel Willems (September 18, 1939 Bruges-August 31, 2013) was a Belgian personality.

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Marcel Mariën

Marcel Mariën (April 29, 1920 Antwerp-September 19, 1993) also known as Marcel Marien was a Belgian personality.

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Louisa Lausanne

Louisa Lausanne (April 5, 1891 Antwerp-April 5, 1964 Antwerp) otherwise known as Louise Lausanne or Maria Ludovica Verbeeck was a Belgian actor.

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Charles Graux

Charles Graux (January 4, 1837 Brussels-January 22, 1910 Ixelles) was a Belgian politician.

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Henri Baels

Henri Baels (January 18, 1878 Ostend-June 18, 1951 Knokke) was a Belgian personality. His child is Lilian, Princess of Réthy.

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Maurice Destenay

Maurice Destenay (February 18, 1900 Saint-Nicolas, Belgium-September 1, 1973 Liège) was a Belgian politician.

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