British music stars born in 1983

Here are 36 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1983:


Sarbel (May 14, 1983 Southgate, London-) also known as Sarbel Michael is a British singer.

Discography: Kati san esena, Parakseno sinesthima, Sahara and . Genres related to him: Pop music and Laïko.

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Finn Andrews

Finn Andrews (August 24, 1983 Camden Town-) is a British singer-songwriter.

Genres he performed include Pop music, Rock music, Art rock, Independent music, Folk music, Indie rock and Alternative rock.

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Nick Tatham

Nick Tatham (June 11, 1983 Hong Kong-) is a British singer.

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Adam Deacon

Adam Deacon (March 4, 1983 London Borough of Hackney-) otherwise known as Adam Steven Deacon is a British actor, film director, rapper, screenwriter and writer.

Genres he performed: Hip hop music, Pop music, UK Garage, Grime and Rap music.

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Robert Emery

Robert Emery (March 22, 1983-) is a British pianist and conductor.

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Mika (August 18, 1983 Beirut-) also known as Mica Penniman, Michael Penniman, Mika Penniman or Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr is a British singer, musician, singer-songwriter, songwriter and actor.

His most recognized albums: 2006-12-18: NapsterLive, Grace Kelly, Love Today, Relax, Take It Easy, Happy Ending, Lollipop, Songs for Sorrow, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) and The Boy Who Knew Too Much. His related genres: Pop rock, Power pop, Pop music, Electronica, Operatic pop, Dance-pop, Rock music, Glam rock and Pop.

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Emily Mann

Emily Mann (February 10, 1983 Streatham-) also known as Client E is a British model.

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Nathan Fake

Nathan Fake (March 1, 1983 Rabaul-) also known as Fake, Nathan is a British record producer.

His most important albums: Outhouse, Watlington Street EP, The Sky Was Pink, Dinamo, Dinamo / Coheed Remixes, Coheed Remixes, Silent Night, Drowning in a Sea of Love, Drowning in a Sea of Remixes and Outhouse (remix, Part 1). Genres he performed: Intelligent dance music, Progressive house, Neo-trance, Techno, Electronica and Ambient music.

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Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn (February 16, 1983 Littleborough, Greater Manchester-) a.k.a. Laura Hollins, Laura Michelle Hollins or Five O'Clock Heroes is a British fashion model, singer and actor.

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Sarah Lark

Sarah Lark (January 28, 1983 Roath-) is a British actor and singer.

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Jack Savoretti

Jack Savoretti (October 10, 1983-) also known as Savoretti, Jack is a British singer.

Discography: Between the Minds, Without, Harder Than Easy, Dreamers, Before the Storm and Written In Scars. Genres he performed include Folk music, Pop music and Acoustic music.

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G Samra

G Samra (May 5, 1983 United Kingdom-) is a British disc jockey and record producer.

Genres he performed include World music, Asian Underground and Hip hop music.

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Alex Cartañá

Alex Cartañá (April 7, 1983-) also known as Alex Cartana is a British singer, singer-songwriter and actor.

His albums: Hey Papi. Genres he performed include Pop music, Trip hop, World music, Soul music and Latin Language.

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Rhys Webb

Rhys Webb (February 18, 1983 Southend-on-Sea-) also known as Spider Webb or Rhys 'Spider' Webb is a British musician.

Genres: Garage rock, Experimental music, Blues, Electronic music, Post-punk revival and Alternative rock.

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Victoria Hogg

Victoria Hogg (June 15, 1983 Darley Dale-) is a British , .

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Jamie Woon

Jamie Woon (March 29, 1983 New Malden-) also known as Woon, Jamie or Woon is a British singer-songwriter and singer.

His albums: Wayfaring Stranger, Night Air, Mirrorwriting, iTunes Festival: London 2007, Solidify and Lady Luck. Genres: Contemporary R&B, Dubstep, Soul music, Downtempo, Trip hop and Electronica.

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Jon Opstad

Jon Opstad (November 4, 1983 Bristol-) is a British composer, drummer and film score composer.

Discography: Interpretations.

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James Righton

James Righton (August 25, 1983 Stratford-upon-Avon-) also known as James Nicholas Righton is a British musician, singer, keyboard player and film score composer.

Genres he performed include Neo-psychedelia, Post-punk revival, New rave and Indie rock.

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Leanne Mitchell

Leanne Mitchell (December 14, 1983 Lowestoft-) a.k.a. Leanne Sian Mitchell is a British singer.

Her albums: Leanne Mitchell. Genres she performed include Pop music, Contemporary R&B and Soul music.

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Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn (March 14, 1983 Johannesburg-) a.k.a. Joe Flynn or Johnny is a British actor, musician and poet.

His albums include Leftovers (live, Amazon exclusive), Country Mile, Been Listening, A Bag of Hammers (Film Score) and A Larum.

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Ghostpoet (January 18, 1983 London-) is a British , .

His albums: Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam, The Sound of Strangers, Liiines, Some Say I So I Say Light and Survive It.

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Ben Drew

Ben Drew (October 22, 1983 Forest Gate-) a.k.a. Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew, Plan B or Ben Paul Balance Drew is a British film director, actor, rapper, singer-songwriter and film producer.

His discography includes: Preach, Acoustic Tracks, Who Needs Actions When You Got Words, Time 4 Plan B, Remixes, No More Eatin', It's Time 4 Plan B, No Good, The Defamation of Strickland Banks and She Said. Genres: Grime, A cappella, Acoustic music, Hardcore hip hop, Indie rock, Soul music, Hip hop music, Alternative hip hop, Country, Drum and bass, Rap rock, Rhythm and blues, British hip hop, Dubstep and Contemporary R&B.

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Ed Skrein

Ed Skrein (March 29, 1983 London Borough of Camden-) a.k.a. Skrein, Edward George Skrein or The Dinnerlady P.I.M.P. is a British actor and musician.

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Lena Abé

Lena Abé (January 4, 1983-) is a British musician.

Genres: Doom metal.

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Alex Westaway

Alex Westaway (February 2, 1983 Northampton-) also known as Westaway, Alex or Alexander Derek Westaway is a British musician, singer and film score composer.

Genres: Post-hardcore, Alternative rock, Alternative metal and Metalcore.

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David Firth

David Firth (January 23, 1983 Doncaster-) is a British musician, animator, actor, presenter, voice actor, writer and filmmaker.

His albums: Felt Crayons, Powdered Bretherens EP, Scribble Beats, A Kettle of Wealth, Inkbrush, Dead Wasps, Mangled Tape Memories, Old Pagger Ballads, Remixes and Other Crap and Noon.

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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole (June 30, 1983 Newcastle upon Tyne-) also known as Cheryl Tweedy, Cole, Cheryl, Cheryl Ann Cole, Cheryl Ann Tweedy, Cheryl, Cherry, Chez, Chezza or Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini is a British singer, model, singer-songwriter, presenter, tv personality, dancer, actor, music artist, composer, entrepreneur and author.

Her albums: 3 Words, Messy Little Raindrops, Fight for This Love, Promise This, Parachute, A Million Lights, Under the Sun: Remixes, Promise This Christmas Bundle, The Flood and 3 Words. Genres: Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Dance-pop and Dance music.

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Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse (September 14, 1983 Southgate, London-July 23, 2011 London Borough of Camden) a.k.a. Amy Jade Winehouse, Amy Winhouse, Ames or Wino was a British music arranger, singer-songwriter and musician.

Her albums include Frank, Take the Box, Back to Black, Pumps / Help Yourself, Rehab, You Know I'm No Good, Tears Dry on Their Own, In My Bed / You Sent Me Flying, Stronger Than Me and Back to Black. Her related genres: Soul music, Jazz, Rhythm and blues, Rock music, Neo soul, Funk, Doo-wop, Swing music, Ska, Pop music, Blues, Reggae and Blue-eyed soul.

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James Bourne

James Bourne (September 13, 1983 Rochford-) a.k.a. James Elliot Bourne, james_bourne, Bourne, James, JB, Future Boy, Jimmy or Jimmy B is a British singer, guitarist, musician, record producer and songwriter.

His most important albums: Volume 1 and Volume 2. Genres he performed include Pop punk, Pop rock, Power pop, Pop music, Electronica and Electronic dance music.

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Matt Willis

Matt Willis (May 8, 1983 Tooting-) also known as Willis, Matt or Matthew James Willis is a British singer, american football player, songwriter, singer-songwriter and television presenter. He has two children, Ace Willis and Isabelle Willis.

His albums: Up All Night, Don't Let It Go to Waste, Crash, Hey Kid and Don't Let It Go to Waste. Genres: Pop rock, Pop punk, Pop music and Alternative rock.

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Heidi Range

Heidi Range (May 23, 1983 Liverpool-) a.k.a. Heidi India Range or Range, Heidi is a British songwriter, singer and singer-songwriter.

Genres: Pop music, Rhythm and blues and Contemporary R&B.

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Alex da Kid

Alex da Kid (August 27, 1983 London-) also known as Alexander Grant is a British record producer, musician and composer.

Genres he performed include Hip hop music, Pop music, Contemporary R&B and Alternative rock.

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Baron (October 29, 1983 Banbury-) also known as P. Bailey, Piers Bailey or Piers Baron is a British record producer, songwriter and composer.

Discography: Drive In, Drive By / St-Elmo, Guns at Dawn / Ratpack, Squelch / Dead List Five, At the Drive In / Decade, Squelch (remixes), Deftone / Random, Endless Summer / Dr. Agnostic, L Plates, Volume 4, The Way It Was / Redhead and The Split / Corporate Fire. Genres he performed include Drum and bass, Rock music, Electronica, Soundtrack and Electronic dance music.

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Alexia Khadime

Alexia Khadime (June 9, 1983 London-) is a British singer and actor.

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Katie White

Katie White (January 18, 1983 Lowton-) also known as White, Katie or Katie Rebecca White is a British singer, songwriter, musician and rapper.

Genres she performed include Dance-punk, Pop music, New rave and Dance-pop.

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Rich Fownes

Rich Fownes (October 26, 1983-) also known as Richard Alexander Fownes or Fownes, Rich is a British songwriter and musician.

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