Chinese music stars who deceased at age 62

Here are 8 famous musicians from China died at 62:

Chen Duxiu

Chen Duxiu (October 8, 1879 Anqing-May 27, 1942 Sichuan) a.k.a. Duxiu Chen or San'ai was a Chinese philosopher, teacher, author and politician. His children are , , , , and .

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Cai Chusheng

Cai Chusheng (January 12, 1906 Shanghai-July 15, 1968 China) also known as Chusheng Cai, Cài Chǔshēng, 蔡楚生, Choi3 Cho2 Sang1, CAI Chusheng, Cai Chu-Sheng or Choi Cho-Sang was a Chinese film director and screenwriter. He had four children, Cai Menglan, Cai Haiyun, Cai Xiaoyun and Cai Ming.

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Li Fusheng

Li Fusheng (January 4, 1953 Ju County-April 5, 2015 Beijing) was a Chinese personality.

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Lydia Shum

Lydia Shum (June 1, 1945 Shanghai-February 19, 2008 Hong Kong) also known as Lydia Shum Din-Ha, Shen3 Dian4 Xia2, Lydia Fei Fei, Lydia Sum Tin-Ha, Sum Tin Ha, Sam Din Ha, Tien-hsia Shen, Shum Tin Ha, Ah-Fay, Tin-Ha Shum, Tien Hsia Shen, Tilly Sung, Fei Fei, Sun Tin Ha, Lydia Sham, Dian Xia Shen, Dianhsia Shen, Fei-Fei, Shěn Diànxiá, Sam2 Din6 Haa4, Happy Fruit or Happy Nut, Fei sister, Lydia Sum, Lydia Shum Tin-Ha, Sam Din-Ha, um Tin-Ha, Sum Tin-Har, Sun Tin-Ha, Shen Tien-Hsia, Lydia Shun or Shen Tien-Sha was a Chinese actor, master of ceremonies and comedian. She had one child, Joyce Cheng.

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Eric Flynn

Eric Flynn (December 13, 1939 Hainan-March 4, 2002 Pembrokeshire) also known as Eric William Flynn was a Chinese singer and actor. He had five children, Jerome Flynn, Daniel Flynn, Johnny Flynn, Kerry Flynn and Lillie Flynn.

He died in cancer.

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Yu Hung-Chun

Yu Hung-Chun (January 4, 1898 Xinhui District-June 1, 1960 Taipei) a.k.a. Yú Hóngjūn or O. K. Yui was a Chinese politician.

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Du Yuesheng

Du Yuesheng (August 22, 1888 Gaoqiao, Kai County-August 16, 1951 Hong Kong) also known as Big-Eared Du, Du Yong or Yuesheng was a Chinese gangster, vendor and bodyguard. He had one child, Mei-Ru Du.

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Kam Tong

Kam Tong (December 18, 1906 San Francisco-November 8, 1969 Costa Mesa) was a Chinese actor.

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