Dutch actors who were born in 1931

Here are 5 famous actors from Netherlands were born in 1931:

Wim Lindner

Wim Lindner (March 27, 1931 Flushing-) is a Dutch film producer, actor and film director.

Ben Hulsman

Ben Hulsman (March 25, 1931 Amsterdam-) is a Dutch actor.

Siem Vroom

Siem Vroom (April 22, 1931 Beemster-June 6, 1985 Amsterdam) a.k.a. Simon Vroom was a Dutch actor.

Tom van Beek

Tom van Beek (December 26, 1931 Maastricht-January 20, 2002 Amsterdam) a.k.a. Thomas Karel van Beek was a Dutch actor.

Joseph Rutten

Joseph Rutten (May 5, 1931 The Hague-June 21, 2006 Halifax) also known as Joe Rutten or Joe was a Dutch actor.

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