Italian movie actresses born in the year 1972

Here are 11 famous actresses from Italy were born in 1972:

Drea de Matteo

Drea de Matteo (January 19, 1972 Queens-) also known as Andrea Donna de Matteo, Drea De Matteo, Andrea de Matteo, Drea DeMatteo or Drea is an Italian actor. She has two children, Alabama Gypsy Rose Jennings and Waylon Albert Jennings.

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Anna Falchi

Anna Falchi (April 22, 1972 Tampere-) a.k.a. Anna Kristiina Palomäki is an Italian model, actor and film producer. She has one child, Alyssa Montesi.

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Lola Pagnani

Lola Pagnani (April 3, 1972 Rome-) a.k.a. Anna Lola Pagnani, Lola Stravos, Anna Lola Pagnai or Anna Lola Pagnani Stravos is an Italian actor.

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Vittoria Belvedere

Vittoria Belvedere (January 17, 1972 Vibo Valentia-) is an Italian actor. Her children are called Lorenzo Valerio, Emma Valerio and Niccolò Valerio.

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Ilaria Latini

Ilaria Latini (October 21, 1972 Rome-) is an Italian voice actor and actor. She has one child, Riccardo Suarez.

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Cristina Marocco

Cristina Marocco (March 21, 1972 Italy-) is an Italian singer and actor.

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Chiara Mastroianni

Chiara Mastroianni (May 28, 1972 Paris-) also known as Chiara Charlotte Mastroianni or Chiara-Charlotte Mastroianni is an Italian actor and singer. Her children are called Milo Torreton and Anna Biolay.

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Alessia Marcuzzi

Alessia Marcuzzi (November 11, 1972 Rome-) is an Italian presenter and actor. Her children are called Tommaso Inzaghi and Mia Facchinetti.

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Isabelle Adriani

Isabelle Adriani (June 22, 1972 Umbertide-) a.k.a. Federica Federici or Isabella Adriani is an Italian actor, journalist, writer, singer, author and voice actor.

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Brigitta Boccoli

Brigitta Boccoli (May 5, 1972 Rome-) also known as Brigitte Boccoli or Britt Bergman is an Italian actor. She has one child, Manfredi Orfei.

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Irene Ferri

Irene Ferri (March 29, 1972 Lazio-) is an Italian actor. She has one child, Adriano Gianni.

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