Afghan musicians died at 46

Here are 1 famous musicians from Afghanistan died at 46:

Habibullah Khan

Habibullah Khan (June 3, 1872 Samarkand-February 20, 1919) was an Afghan politician. He had two children, Inayatullah Khan and Amānullāh Khān.

Habibullah Khan was the Emir of Afghanistan from 1901 until his death in 1919. He succeeded his father, Abdur Rahman Khan, as the Emir and continued his father's policies of modernization and consolidation of power. During his reign, Habibullah Khan initiated policies that brought about major social and economic changes in Afghanistan. He sought to create a centralized government that could govern the country effectively.

One of the major achievements of Habibullah Khan's reign was the establishment of a modern legal and judicial system. He created a new code of law, based on Islamic principles, and established a system of courts to administer justice. He also established a modern educational system and built schools, colleges, and universities throughout the country.

Habibullah Khan also played an important role in international diplomacy. He maintained good relations with neighboring countries and tried to establish Afghanistan as a neutral power in regional politics. He was successful in keeping Afghanistan out of World War I, despite pressure from both British and Ottoman forces.

Habibullah Khan's assassination in 1919 was a major setback for Afghanistan. His death led to a period of political instability and eventually resulted in the rise to power of his son, Amanullah Khan. Despite his short reign, Habibullah Khan is remembered as a visionary leader who laid the foundation for modern Afghanistan.

He died in firearm.

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