Australian musicians died at 48

Here are 7 famous musicians from Australia died at 48:

David Hookes

David Hookes (May 3, 1955 Mile End-January 19, 2004 Prahran) was an Australian cricketer and coach.

He played domestic cricket for South Australia and Victoria, and also represented Australia in 23 Test matches and 39 One Day Internationals. Hookes was known for his aggressive and attacking style of batting, and his ability to hit the ball hard and cleanly. After retiring from playing cricket, he became a successful coach, working with teams such as Victoria and South Australia. Hookes was tragically killed in a pub altercation in Melbourne in 2004, at the age of 48. He is remembered in the cricket world as a talented player and coach, and for his contributions to the sport in Australia.

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Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan (August 12, 1958 Hobart-December 23, 2006 Melbourne) was an Australian actor. He had two children, Ella Taylor Morgan and Zoe Taylor Morgan.

Richard Morgan was best known for his work in Australian film and television. He began his acting career in the 1980s and appeared in a number of popular Australian TV shows, including "Neighbours", "Police Rescue" and "Blue Heelers". Morgan also acted in several Australian films, such as "The Efficiency Expert" and "He Died with a Felafel in His Hand".

Aside from acting, Morgan was known for his involvement in social and political issues. He was a long-time supporter of the Australian Labor Party and was a vocal advocate for a republic in Australia. Morgan's death in 2006 was widely mourned in the Australian acting community, with many of his former colleagues and friends paying tribute to his talent and his dedication to causes he believed in.

He died as a result of motor neuron disease.

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Dorothy Wall

Dorothy Wall (January 12, 1894 Wellington-January 21, 1942 Cremorne) was an Australian illustrator and author.

She is best known for creating Blinky Bill, a beloved children's book character who has since become an Australian icon. Dorothy Wall first worked as a freelance artist and illustrator for several newspapers and magazines before writing and illustrating her own books. In addition to Blinky Bill, she also created other animal characters such as Ragged Blossom and Mrs. Bear. Despite her success, Dorothy Wall faced many personal and financial struggles and tragically took her own life at the age of 48. Her legacy lives on through the enduring popularity of Blinky Bill and her contributions to children's literature in Australia.

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Peter Allen

Peter Allen (February 10, 1944 Tenterfield-June 18, 1992 San Diego) a.k.a. Peter Allen Woolnough, Peter Richard Woolnough or Peter Richard Woolnough Allen was an Australian singer, musician, singer-songwriter, songwriter and actor.

His most well known albums: At His Best, The Boy From Oz, The Very Best of Peter Allen, Bi-Coastal, Taught by Experts, The Very Best of Peter Allen: The Boy From Down Under, Tenterfield Saddler, The Ultimate Peter Allen, I Could Have Been a Sailor and Continental American. Genres: Pop music.

He died caused by hiv/aids.

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Howard Arkley

Howard Arkley (May 5, 1951 Australia-July 22, 1999 Australia) was an Australian personality.

He was a renowned artist who specialized in pop art and was known for his vibrant and colorful paintings of suburban homes and interiors. Arkley studied at the Prahran College of Advanced Education in Melbourne and completed a fine arts degree in 1973. He went on to become a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene in Australia during the 1980s and 1990s. Arkley's unique style of painting was influenced by his interest in popular culture, music, and the urban landscape. His artwork can be found in numerous public and private collections around the world, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. Despite his sudden death at the age of 48, Howard Arkley's legacy remains an important part of the Australian contemporary art movement.

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Jessie Catherine Couvreur

Jessie Catherine Couvreur (October 28, 1848 Highgate-October 23, 1897) a.k.a. Tasma was an Australian novelist and writer.

She was born in England and moved to Australia in 1863 with her family. Couvreur began her career as a journalist and later turned to fiction writing, becoming one of the most popular novelists of her time. She is best known for her novel "Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill" (1898), which was published posthumously, and is considered a classic of Australian literature. Tasma was a pen name that Couvreur used to separate her writing career from her personal life. She spent the last years of her life in Brussels, Belgium, where she died in 1897 at the age of 48.

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Jack Lynch

Jack Lynch (April 5, 2015 Sydney-August 8, 1966) was an Australian personality.

He was well-known as a professional boxer, who competed in the heavyweight division during the 1920s and 1930s. Lynch was widely regarded as one of the best boxers of his era, thanks to his impressive record of 88 wins, 14 losses, and 12 draws. He is especially remembered for his incredible fight against the legendary Jack Johnson, who Lynch was able to beat twice. In addition to his boxing career, Lynch was also a popular radio and television personality, who entertained audiences with his wit and charm. His legacy as a sportsman and entertainer is still celebrated today in Australia.

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