Austrian movie stars born in 1927

Here are 8 famous actors from Austria were born in 1927:

Herbert Fux

Herbert Fux (March 25, 1927 Hallein-March 13, 2007 Zürich) also known as Herbert Fox, Hubert Fux or Herbert Fuchs was an Austrian actor and politician.

Fux began his career in the entertainment industry as a jazz musician and cabaret performer. He later transitioned into acting, making his debut in the 1950s, and went on to appear in over 140 films and television shows throughout his career. Fux was known for his versatility in playing a variety of roles, from comedic to dramatic.

In addition to his work in entertainment, Fux was also involved in politics, serving as a member of the Austrian parliament from 1983 to 1986. He was a member of the Freedom Party of Austria, which is known for its conservative and nationalistic views.

Fux was a well-respected figure in the Austrian entertainment industry, and his contributions to the arts were recognized with numerous awards throughout his lifetime. He passed away in 2007 at the age of 79.

Werner Kreindl

Werner Kreindl (October 20, 1927 Wels-June 6, 1992 Wagrain) was an Austrian actor. His child is called Jenny-Joy Kreindl.

Kreindl attended drama school in Vienna and then began his career as a stage actor. He later moved into film and television, and became a familiar face to audiences in Austria and Germany. He appeared in over 100 film and TV productions, including the popular Austrian detective series "Tatort", as well as several international films. Kreindl was known for his versatility as an actor, and was equally at home in dramatic and comedic roles. During his career, he received numerous awards for his acting, including the prestigious Kammerschauspieler title in 1984. In addition to his work as an actor, Kreindl was also involved in social and political causes, and was a longtime supporter of the Green Party in Austria. He passed away in 1992 at the age of 64.

Carl Schell

Carl Schell (November 14, 1927 Wolfsberg-) a.k.a. Carl Hermann Schell is an Austrian actor.

He began his career in the 1940s as a stage actor and later transitioned into film and television. Schell appeared in over 80 films throughout his career, receiving critical acclaim for his performances in "The Angel with the Trumpet" (1948) and "Eroica" (1958). He also had notable roles in "The Last Bridge" (1954), "The Bridge" (1959), and "The Great Escape" (1963) alongside Steve McQueen. In addition to acting, Schell was also a prolific voice actor, lending his voice to numerous animated films and TV shows. He received numerous awards for his contributions to the entertainment industry, including the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art in 2007.

Roland Kovac

Roland Kovac (November 7, 1927 Vienna-) also known as Roland Kovác, Roland Kovac', Roland Kovacs, Dr. Roland Kovac, Roland Hovac or Hovac, Roland is an Austrian film score composer and actor. His children are called Boris Kovac and Alexander Kovac.

Kovac began his career as a composer in the 1950s, creating music for a number of Austrian and German films. He later branched out into jazz music, becoming a respected figure in the European jazz scene during the 1960s and 1970s. In addition to his work as a composer and musician, Kovac also acted in a number of films throughout his career, often appearing in small roles. He continued to work in the film industry well into his later years, receiving acclaim for his contributions to Austrian cinema. Today, Kovac is regarded as one of the most important figures in the history of European jazz, and his music continues to be celebrated by fans and musicians around the world.

Walter Kohut

Walter Kohut (November 20, 1927 Vienna-May 18, 1980 Innsbruck) also known as Walter Kohutek or Walter Kohout was an Austrian actor.

Kohut's acting career began in the late 1940s and he quickly became a popular performer in his home country. He appeared in numerous Austrian films, television shows, and stage productions, earning critical acclaim for his talent and versatility. In addition to his work in Austria, Kohut also acted in Germany and Switzerland, and he was recognized as one of the leading actors of the German-speaking world.

Kohut's most famous role was as the character of Dr. Roman Melchinger on the popular Austrian television series "Ein echter Wiener geht nicht unter" ("A Real Viennese Doesn't Drown"). The show ran from 1975 to 1979 and was a beloved classic of Austrian television. Kohut's portrayal of the quirky, lovable doctor endeared him to audiences and cemented his place as an icon of Austrian popular culture.

Despite his successful career, Kohut struggled with health issues throughout his life. He suffered from liver problems and ultimately died of liver failure in 1980 at the age of 52. His death was a great loss to the world of Austrian entertainment, but his contributions continue to be remembered and celebrated to this day.

Michael Janisch

Michael Janisch (July 21, 1927 Vienna-November 29, 2004 Vienna) a.k.a. M. Janisch was an Austrian actor.

Janisch started his acting career in the late 1940s, appearing in various films and stage productions. In the 1950s, he gained prominence as a leading actor in Austrian cinema, starring in films such as "The Angel with the Trumpet" and "Mozart".

He also appeared in international films, including the 1959 British-American film "The Journey" alongside Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr. Janisch continued to act in films and on stage throughout his career, receiving critical acclaim for his performances.

In addition to acting, Janisch also worked as a director and screenwriter, and was highly regarded in the Austrian film industry for his contributions to the art form. He was also a member of the Vienna Burgtheater for many years.

Janisch passed away in Vienna in 2004 at the age of 77, having left an indelible mark on Austrian cinema and theater.

Michael Kehlmann

Michael Kehlmann (September 21, 1927 Vienna-December 1, 2005 Vienna) was an Austrian screenwriter, actor and television director. His child is called Daniel Kehlmann.

Michael Kehlmann was born in Vienna in 1927, and began his career in the arts as an actor. He later transitioned to writing screenplays and directing for television. In addition to his work in film and television, Kehlmann was also a respected writer of fiction and non-fiction. He published several books throughout his career, including the historical novel "Kaiserhofstraße" and the memoir "Die Nacht mit Alice, als Julia ums Haus schlich."

Kehlmann's influence on the world of Austrian and German entertainment was significant. He worked extensively in television production, creating and directing a variety of successful programs. In addition, he wrote several acclaimed screenplays, including the script for the 1973 film "Abschied vom Frieden" (Farewell to Peace).

Michael Kehlmann passed away in Vienna in 2005, leaving behind a legacy of artistic achievement and influence on the entertainment industry in Europe. His son, Daniel Kehlmann, is also a well-regarded writer, known for his novels "Measuring the World" and "Tyll."

Wolfgang Gasser

Wolfgang Gasser (May 31, 1927 Wolfsberg-May 20, 2007 Vienna) was an Austrian actor.

He initially worked as a radio presenter and announcer before embarking on a career in acting. Gasser appeared in numerous films and television series throughout his career, most notably in the popular German crime series "Tatort". He was known for his versatility as an actor, playing comedic as well as dramatic roles. In addition to his acting career, Gasser was also a talented voice actor, lending his voice to many animated films and TV shows. He received several awards and recognitions for his contributions to the Austrian entertainment industry.

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