Brazilian movie actresses died when they were 75

Here are 4 famous actresses from Brazil died at 75:

Anilza Leoni

Anilza Leoni (October 10, 1933 Laguna, Santa Catarina-August 6, 2009 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Anilza Pinho de Carvalho was a Brazilian actor, singer, dancer and painter.

She died caused by emphysema.

Anilza Leoni began her career as a dancer in São Paulo and later moved to Rio de Janeiro. She made her acting debut in the film "Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol" (Black God, White Devil) directed by Glauber Rocha. She gained popularity with her musical performances and was known for her performances on the television program "O Fino da Bossa". In addition to her musical and acting career, Anilza was also an accomplished painter and held exhibitions of her artwork. She was married to Brazilian composer and singer Nelson Cavaquinho until his death in 1986. Anilza's legacy lives on as an important figure in Brazilian music and culture.

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Dirce Migliaccio

Dirce Migliaccio (September 30, 1933 São Paulo-September 22, 2009 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian actor.

Migliaccio started his acting career in the early 1960s and appeared in numerous Brazilian films and television shows. He was also known for his work in theater and won several awards for his performances. Migliaccio was considered one of the most respected actors of his generation and was beloved by audiences for his portrayal of comic characters. In 2003, he received the Order of Cultural Merit from the Brazilian government for his contributions to the arts. Migliaccio was known for his warm personality and will always be remembered as a legend of Brazilian entertainment.

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Nair Bello

Nair Bello (April 28, 1931 Santa Ernestina-April 17, 2007) also known as Nair Bello Souza Francisco, Nair Belo or Nair Bello Sousa Francisco was a Brazilian actor. She had four children, Manuel de Souza Francisco, José de Souza Francisco, Maria Aparecida de Souza Francisco and Ana Paula de Souza Francisco.

She died as a result of cardiovascular disease.

Nair Bello began her career in the 1960s and appeared in dozens of films, television shows, and theater productions throughout her career. She became known for her ability to portray a wide range of characters, from comedic to dramatic roles. She was a regular collaborator of the acclaimed Brazilian filmmaker Hector Babenco, with whom she worked in several films, including Pixote (1980) and Ironweed (1987). In addition to her work as an actor, Nair Bello was also a philanthropist and was actively involved in charity work throughout her life. She was awarded several honors for her contributions to the arts, including the Order of Cultural Merit by the Brazilian government.

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Marly Marley

Marly Marley (April 5, 1938 Três Lagoas-January 10, 2014 São Paulo) also known as Marly Marley de Toledo was a Brazilian actor.

Marly Marley began her career in the arts as a ballet dancer, but found her true calling in acting. She appeared in many popular Brazilian soap operas, such as "Roque Santeiro" and "Que Rei Sou Eu?". Marley was best known for her comedic roles, and was praised for her ability to bring joy and laughter to her audiences. In addition to acting, she was also a well-known voice actress, lending her voice to many animated characters. Her contributions to Brazilian art and culture have left a lasting impact on the industry, and she is remembered by many as a talented and beloved performer.

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