Brazilian musicians died when they were 47

Here are 5 famous musicians from Brazil died at 47:

Afonso Arinos

Afonso Arinos (May 1, 1868 Paracatu-February 19, 1916 Barcelona) was a Brazilian writer.

He studied law in Sao Paulo and became a lawyer, but his passion for literature led him to become a writer. Arinos was a prolific writer and wrote numerous essays, novels, and plays throughout his life. He was known for his realistic portrayals of Brazilian rural life and the struggles of lower-class people. One of his most well-known works is his novel "Sertaneja," which tells the story of a poor country girl who falls in love with a wealthy man. Arinos was also involved in Brazilian politics and was a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. He died in Barcelona in 1916 at the age of 48.

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Caio Fernando Abreu

Caio Fernando Abreu (September 12, 1948 Santiago-February 25, 1996 Porto Alegre) also known as Caio Fernando Loureiro de Abreu, Caio F. or Caio Abreu was a Brazilian writer and journalist.

Caio started out studying Journalism at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, however, he later switched to Fine Arts at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, where he graduated in 1974. His literary career began in the 1970s where he gained popularity for his avant-garde writing style which was distinct from other writers of his time. His more popular works include, "O Ovo Apunhalado," "Morangos Mofados" and "Os Dragões não Conhecem o Paraíso." He also wrote for major newspapers including "O Globo", "Jornal do Brasil" and "Folha de S.Paulo". Caio was known for his openness regarding his homosexuality and his advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights. He remains an important literary figure in Brazil and is celebrated as one of the most important voices of his generation.

He died as a result of hiv/aids.

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José Carlos da Costa Araújo

José Carlos da Costa Araújo (February 7, 1962 Rio de Janeiro-July 24, 2009 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Jose Carlos da Costa Araujo was a Brazilian personality.

Despite his relatively short life, José Carlos da Costa Araújo made a name for himself in Brazil as a talented musician and composer. He was known for his contributions to the Brazilian cultural scene, championing the use of traditional Brazilian instruments and sounds in his music. Some of his most popular works include the albums "Murucututu" and "Fulinaíma", both of which featured collaborations with other prominent Brazilian artists. In addition to his music career, Araújo was also a respected educator and lecturer, sharing his knowledge and love of Brazilian music with students and audiences around the country. His legacy continues to inspire musicians and cultural enthusiasts in Brazil and beyond.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Toninho Guerreiro

Toninho Guerreiro (August 10, 1942-April 5, 1990) was a Brazilian personality.

He was primarily known as a professional soccer player, having played for several Brazilian clubs including Santos and São Paulo. Guerreiro was a prolific striker, scoring over 400 goals in his career. He also played for the Brazilian national team, earning eight caps and scoring three goals. After retiring from soccer, Guerreiro worked as a coach and sports commentator. He was also involved in politics, serving as a city councilor in Santos. Unfortunately, Guerreiro passed away at the age of 47 due to complications from liver disease. He is remembered as a talented athlete and a beloved figure in Brazilian sports.

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Nara Leão

Nara Leão (January 19, 1942 Vitória, Espírito Santo-June 7, 1989 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Nara Leao, Nara Leãu, Nara Lofego Leão or Nara Loffego Leão was a Brazilian singer and actor. Her children are called Isabel Diegues and Francisco Diegues.

Her most well known albums: Nara, Os meus amigos são um barato, Garota de Ipanema, Nara Leão, A Bossa de Nara, Manhã de liberdade, My Foolish Heart, Coleção Folha 50 anos de bossa nova, Volume 6, Dez anos depois and O Melhor de Nara Leão.

She died caused by brain tumor.

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