Czechoslovakian movie stars died in 1962

Here are 1 famous actors from Czechoslovakia died in 1962:

Vladimír Borský

Vladimír Borský (March 2, 1904 Prague-October 24, 1962 Prague) also known as Wladimir Borsky or V. Borský was a Czechoslovakian actor, film director and screenwriter.

He began his career as a stage actor in the 1920s before transitioning to film in the 1930s. He acted in over 40 films throughout his career, including the classic Czechoslovakian film "The Shop on Main Street". Borský also directed and wrote several films, including the comedic film "Lemonade Joe" which became a cult classic in Czechoslovakia. In addition to his work in film, Borský was also a prominent theater director and worked at theaters in Prague, Bratislava, and Ostrava. Despite his successful career, Borský was closely monitored by the communist regime in Czechoslovakia due to his membership in the National Alliance, a conservative political party. He died in Prague in 1962 at the age of 58.

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