Swedish actors who deceased at age 57

Here are 5 famous actors from Sweden died at 57:

Tage Danielsson

Tage Danielsson (February 5, 1928 Linköping-October 13, 1985 Stockholm) also known as Danielsson, Tage or Tage Ivar Roland Danielsson was a Swedish writer, comedian, poet, film director, actor, author, screenwriter and television director. He had two children, Patrik Danielsson and Jesper Danielsson.

He died in skin cancer.

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Beppe Wolgers

Beppe Wolgers (November 10, 1928 Stockholm-August 6, 1986 Östersund) a.k.a. Wolgers, Beppe, John Bertil Wolgers, John Bertil "Beppe" Wolgers or Beppe was a Swedish actor, screenwriter, artist, author, poet, translator, lyricist, musician, music artist and entertainer. He had four children, Jens Wolgers, Tom Wolgers, Camilla Wolgers and Mats Wolgers.

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Gideon Wahlberg

Gideon Wahlberg (June 18, 1890 Stockholm-May 3, 1948 Stockholm) also known as Wahlberg, Gideon or G. Wahlberg was a Swedish actor, screenwriter and film director.

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Carl-Axel Heiknert

Carl-Axel Heiknert (September 10, 1924 Värnamo-October 12, 1981 Stockholm) also known as Carl Axel Heiknert or Karl Axel Erik Heiknert was a Swedish actor, screenwriter and film director.

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Lakke Magnusson

Lakke Magnusson (May 21, 1946 Kinna-February 19, 2004 Stockholm) also known as Lars Goeran Magnusson was a Swedish actor. He had six children, Pella Magnusson, Truls Magnusson, Fröja Magnusson, Tora Magnusson, Minna Magnusson and Leo Magnusson.

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