Turkish actors died in 1991

Here are 1 famous actors from Turkey died in 1991:

İhsan Yüce

İhsan Yüce (January 23, 1929 Elazığ-May 15, 1991 Istanbul) otherwise known as Ihsan Yüce or Ihsan Yuce was a Turkish actor, screenwriter and film director.

Born in Elazığ, Turkey, İhsan Yüce began his career in the arts in the early 1950s. He started out as a theatre actor before transitioning into films. Throughout his career, he acted in more than 190 films and worked as a screenwriter and film director for several productions.

Some of his most notable acting roles were in films such as "Menderes'in İdamı", "Acı Hayat", "Kuyu", and "Düşman Yolları Kesti". He also received critical acclaim for his work as a director and screenwriter in films such as "Hüzünlü Aşk" and "Güvercin Yavrusu".

Aside from his work in film, İhsan Yüce was also known for his political activism. He was a strong advocate for human rights and democracy in Turkey, and his beliefs were reflected in his work as a filmmaker. He was awarded several honors throughout his career, including the Adana Golden Boll award and the Istanbul Film Festival Lifetime Achievement award.

İhsan Yüce passed away on May 15, 1991, in Istanbul at the age of 62.

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